Many More Magic Chests

It’s time to end the horrendous lie that is “Many more Magic Chests”

I do believe that you actually get the same amount, if not less, chests than normal

My main problem is this, why in the world does the 50k pal chest get pushed back to 60k? There is no reason to push it back. I would’ve gotten the Pal Chest in a normal war without this stupid “War Perk”

Yeah “many more chests” doesn’t really make a difference compared to the original amount

I just wish you had any real level of control over how well you can do with respect to getting these chests.  Unfortunately, it’s totally gated on how many other alliances decide to attack you during a war.  So far this season, a grand total of *zero* alliances have attacked us.  Assuming this holds true again tomorrow for the last day of the war season, then that means the best I can do is to get in the low 20k skull range (~4.5k skulls/war) which doesn’t even qualify for getting an uber chest. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is just one more reason why people don’t participate in war seasons.  I like having some form of a team aspect to the war season, but there need to be more personal rewards, IMO.

“Many more chests” means there are more skull goal rewards.

In a normal war the last chest is at 50k (iirc). In a “many more chests” war the last chest is at 70k (iirc).

It doesn’t mean you will get more if you get the same amount of skulls. It just means that if you have a chance to get more chests if you also get more skulls.


Imo the way it should actually work would be to get more chests for the same amount of skulls, maintaining 50k as the max skulls.

Okay, yes, I see what you’re saying @ARREBIMBA, but they should still keep the 50k Pal Chest, not move it back 10k

Yes but very more chest should be more chest for the same amount of skulls, not “a couple more chest if you’re lucky and every alliance attack yours everyday and you are able to defeat them”…

War is a flop event, which needs a major rewamp.