Many trophies lost in less than a day

Many trophies lost in less than a day 

it is impossible to lose 994 trophies in less than a day

this update is hurting me

U took new ascession lvl? 


Congratulations!! You Unlocked a new Portal… The Great Thanos and His Army attacked you??..


You holded way more trophies at your lvl that’s the reason you fell by that good amount of trophies… 

the exaggerated loss of trophies is a constant, now I live with it and i don’t complain, however I find it absurd to lose almost 1000 trophies in a few hours, and I think it is wrong to frustrate in this way the players who want to be active this is an injustice that affects players of all lvl. Developers should understand that if a player sees the work of days fade in a few hours, he loses interest, and starts looking for more rewarding games by abandoning Olympus Rising. It is useless to say that the trophies are not important, because the trophies are important because pheme depends on the trophies, the gold that is received after an attack depends on the trophies, and also the satisfaction of seeing their work rewarded progressing in the ranking is important. I ask @CaptainMorgan to evaluate these things and to make a system that allows the active people free to go ahead without being stopped with a punitive system that protects only the players’ lvl and not their commitment … … leave the people free to advance, so if they have too many trophies for their lvl will find strong bases that will stop them, and let the ranking get longer, I do not see what’s wrong

Furthermore, people invest in order to have a return, if the return is not there because a person should invest not only money but also time in a game? @CaptainMorgan  please evaluate what I said and ask yourself if you invest your time, your dedication and money for a game or any other that does not reward you as much as you deserve and does not give you the chance to go on

That’s why I almost give up this game now,it’s so hard to understand,the more active u are,the more punishment u got.

exactly, who is active proves to be fond of the game and should not be punished, while those who make a few attacks shows that they do not want to invest much in the game and it makes no sense to protect them, so the risk is to discourage and remove the loyal players and keep players who do not care much about the game and this happens to players of all lvl
I repeat @CaptainMorgan in addition to the technical aspect you have to evaluate the “human” aspect to ask yourself this question: "I should invest time and resources for a game that blocks me even though I commit myself or it is better to devote myself to a game that evaluates me for how much I commit and gives me the satisfaction that my commitment deserves? "
This I think is very important for the game and these observations must be considered

It is true that it can be painful, however if low level players are very active and don’t have any penalty compared to higher level players, they will more easily stay at the top, as they face much easier defenses/statues and therefore can gain more trophies more easily than the high level players.

It is very important that new players are not punished and discouraged…even the old ones  :grinning:

Good Lord. O_O

The thing is, as Cap. Morgan said already, it happened before that very active players took top spots in the trophy leaderboard just because they were active and it caused problems. I can’t find where his comment is. Maybe @Infamous or @dumpster can though. 

Yep, and even now by being similarly active, a high level will take longer to get same amount of trophies as a lower level.

It took me 10h more on my 129 to get to the same amount of trophies as I wanted on my 117, who then had already 500 more trophies when the goal was reached…

I took 3 from you yesterday, Hellgirl. Sorry.

Ataide, I saw you a couple of times on my islands and you had* quite a few more trophies than me and a lower ascension lvl by at least 6-7 I think…you have to realise that a lvl 100 can only go so high…and you opted for a tough defence and are mining gems! (not from me though :slight_smile:

Yeah but this is completely fine, but unfair for higher levels. As I need much more time to get same amount on my higher level account, and it is harder to maintain them as well, due to the velocity to gain trophies compared to the loss…

In my team many lvl 131 complain that they cannot pass me on trophies, even though they play a lot, but they lose hell of a lot and need crazy amount of time to gain them back too.

Almost 1k of trophies,wow. The trophy edge got increased in this version (which is good) but it seems you were far away from that point. I’m still like WOW 

But think maybe there should be a cap on trophies lost in set period of time, agree that 1k is too much, and probably not possible to regain in the same time unless you gain +15 everytime you fight - but then that’l be hard battles… I think trophy loss should definitely be less when attacked by a higher level player even if that player has less trophies, as the win of that battle is highly likely and less skill involved.

This is true! When the number one player is only worth 4-6 trophies, it’s very hard to increase your ranking. And it sometimes takes hundreds of trophies to move up one spot.

Well at this point, I would hardly lose trophies then, and it would be even more unfair for the high levels…

Any low level very active players could make it to the top.

We had a time where the top leaderboard was only filled with muuuch lower level players. The high level players got heavily punished then. I don’t think anyone wants to go through this again.

Just as an FYI. There were similar changes made to the trophy system in the past and it had extremely negative consequences. The system now is a result of 2 years of fine tuning. There will probably be no dramatic changes to the mechanics of the system like you’re suggesting, maybe more fine tuning, and almost certainly some kind of devaluation of the trophy system in general so you won’t really care if you lose 1000 trophies overnight because there’s other stuff to worry about.

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