Many trophies lost in less than a day

Ok I get the above, but there was still a guy even now sitting top of the leaderboard without fully upgraded choas gate, so that happens regardless (lower lvls a the top) as they can find lower lvl players to beat on the islands, just think 1k lost in 24 hours is OTT.

Many players complained for trophie system for example low lvls (115 easy defenses and gks) they reached now 14/15k trophiez and is ok, the highers never complained and now highers lvls that problem , i think every lv need cup, for example 100-110 7-9k trophies, 110-120 9k-12k and 120-129 12-17,9 and 130-131 18k-20 

We need to pretect and active players and highers lvls ( good defenses strong players) 

Not having a fully upgraded gate can be a huge advantage, and you’re not talking about just “a guy” either. It’s not an accident or a flaw that mani is top of the leaderboard. 

Mani is 117 lvland have low gate and max defense here is trick for the time, u need good game play for win that defense is different from other players 117 lvls and low defense!! 

I understand its not blind luck, but having a lvl 11 gate of a possible 15 and being top of the leaderboard with not much over halfway exp/ascension points , (ie, lvl112 is 2 million points, lvl131 4 million) seems to be exploiting the system…seems like an exploit of the system to me! Good luck to those that find them.

Correct. It’s not like there are other low level players in the top 25. It’s just Mani and it’s not an accident 

but the day where less is better is a flaw in the system… and hes #1

Play over 400 battles daily and you should manage :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t upgrade your gate then. Anyone can do it. 

I don’t know from where you are Getting this information but I am very active and sometimes see +27 ascenion level players on my map and not low level players(true they less trophies than me) but Their statues kill my best heroes in one hit,even heroes like Helen.???

System has changed a lot.

I am only losing trophies to cheaters who spam gems on my gate of Appollo or near my statue and takes chunk of trophies from me.

Only high ascenion players are exception.They don’t have to becuase of their ascenion level advantage.

I have no use for gems.I don’t mind current trophy system If I too get the chance to hit greedy trophy hunters too.

Atleast three times after they hit me for maximum trophy gan which 15 now.

I agree bruv.


What higher-ups you are talking about?

I only see myself hit by 15+ and sometimes 27+ascenion level Players hit for maximum trophy gain.

Again I don’t mind if I too can take the fight to them but current system matchs me up with players who do not attack my base.

I only want to fight opponents who are constantly hitting me for maximum trophy gains.???

@dumpster I’m not interested in you taking me away or taking away 3 glasses … my claim is if I do not have heroes in my islands as they can remove me trophies

Ok I’m not sorry then  ")

Yep I know the feeling where your heroes moves back to mount olympus after every fourth successful defeat.

Players then have to waste ambrosia to move heroes back from mount olympus instead of making raids.

maybe a revenge button to attempt to recover a proportion of your stolen trophies.   I think Dumpster given there are lvls there to upgrade I will upgrade. I think the devs ‘try’ to encourage people to upgrade and there’s always going to be people trying to find the loopholes, but like Mr CouPer suggested a cap per range of asecnsion lvls would put things right. IMO.

I am waiting for @CaptainMorgan to fix this as he said way back in january as how heroes will be moved back to mount olympus.

He intends to change that syatem too.

I would hit everyone then :wink:

Mani is cheater :wink:

@AK47NAPC What are you talking about? I have level 128 and I play a lot and it cost me a lot to win them to lose them so fast … do not be so arrogant

How is it possible that you can remove so many trophies, if there are not so many heroes on islands to do so.