Map matchmaking

I’ve never heard of a player being banned for playing multiple accounts. Even the quote from TOS that you posted said that you may not be able to receive support for shared accounts, etc… and that it could result in punishment, up to and including a ban, but it doesn’t say that multiple accounts will be banned. To my knowledge it’s never happened, even in some pretty egregious circumstances.

Here’s a blatant example of a secondary. I mean, there’s a lot of obvious examples out there.

In my opinion, this is nothing bad, in Olympus Rising there are not many players, there is no good chat so there is a huge recruitment problem, if someone creates their own alliance, they want to have people and strengthen it and who will come to an empty alliance and without gold? How should he get them? He has to create more accounts, in this way he will make players and must play on these accounts, that there would be gold in the treasury, at the beginning it is done, it’s normal, that’s how it works everywhere, later if you can recruit players, certain accounts can close for a new player, unless he already has such strong accounts that he will play at all but it takes a lot of commitment and it is good for the game, thus it develops

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Once again, I agree that alternate accounts are not an issue. What I’m saying is that if they ban Archimedes, then they need to be fair across the board and start banning everyone else. I’m not a fan of the abuse of multiple accounts, but it is a necessary evil to increase revenue for the game.

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Exactly, what more players the better for us and does it matter who you fight with? or with A1, A2, A3 … It is important that there is someone to beat, later such accounts usually become weaker, so it’s good for new players, they have someone to practice and gives the impression that the game must be good because a lot of players are in it

I would like to know the outcome of the dev decision on this and whether or not they plan on instituting a ban on @Archimides. If they do, they need to go through and look at all the alternate accounts. There were two people here calling for a ban on him and I’d say that is too harsh a penalty.

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Such talking about a punishment for someone who likes to play and has more accounts than one, this is absurd, I am a new player, I also have two accounts in this game, I do not hide, because and why? if I play them. I have already spent a thousand euros in this game, I don’t invest in the second account, I’m going the traditional way, but if I have the opportunity to strengthen my first account for diamonds, I do it and now Flare will ban me for having more accounts than one, what about my money will happen, will somebody give me back which I left at Olympus Rising? If someone is sorry, let them also open another account, have less time for private life, it requires sacrifice and you must love games :szeroki uśmiech:

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I even gave the names of the accounts in my description, why should I hide it, since these accounts are for me to play and I play on them, everyone uses it

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the basic concept is: if there is a rule you have to comply with it (you accept those conditions when you download the game) if you do not comply with the rules you must be penalized.

no one forces you to spend the money, you do it of your own accord!

Sure, but the penalty is that you may not be able to receive support for your account and in extreme situations you might be banned if you’re trying to commit frauds.

Even in the Terms of Service it doesn’t say that players shall be banned for using multiple accounts and that has been backed up here by the devs.

You are misreading what the Terms of Service actually say.


“You shall not have more than one Account at any given time”.

what did I not understand D.?

That they do not ban players for having more than one account at a time. They can, they reserve the right to, but they do not as a matter of practice and never have. They can ban players for almost any reason. It’s their service.

Is driving over the speed limit in your car a crime? Yes. Is the punishment for driving over the speed limit that you go to prison? No, almost never. Can you go to prison for driving extremely recklessly? Yes, but that’s an extreme situation that is different from simply speeding. Do you understand the analogy?


you play on syntax … we specify, I would not be very happy not to “see” Archimides, because I like to read what he writes, but not for this we need to “close our eyes”.

I never wrote about banning Archimides - but I wrote: it’s better to delete the second account due to rules.

this is very different!

I think you still don’t understand, though. The punishment for playing multiple accounts has never been to ban or “delete” those accounts, unless they were doing something else like fraud.

Now this could change, of course, but in the past that has never been the punishment, just like you don’t get sent to jail for driving too fast in your car.


I just hope that the proposal for Dh and the new map matchmaking system will be expanded!

Agreed! For your effort in today’s forum, we are awarding you 2.5 trophies, redeemable at any island of your choosing.


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Hi there, could you please close the topic ?
In the end there’s my proposal with 13 votes …
One saying it might work but only if mxed up with levels & thopies …
One saying it won’t work and suggest a performances system instead …
And one saying he wants a system with just level.

I believe the discussion is over and that it is being derailed on useless grouds (surely not by pourpose … but nonetheless)… and since often derailed threads gets ignored, please do lock it now.