''MARATHON'' quest bug


Today when the war ended and I opened up my current quest queue to check the update on "MARATHON’’ quest**(and it was showing complete)** where your Alliance need to win the 4 Alliance wars in succession to gain Thousand gems and my team did won last four wars by grabbing the first position in wars.

So when I precoded to collect the gems for this quest completion I did not receive 1000 gems   and then I logged out of the game and logged in again to see if I received any gems or not.

Now to my great surprise this quest is showing that I won only three wars in succession and is incomplete.I am trying to finish this quest for almost six months and every time my alliance wins three wars in succession(by coming first in Alliance wars)but fourth time my team end up losing 4 th war by coming second.

@CaptainMorgan could you please check my account for this bug and Please don’t tell me that I need to win the next war as I team has already won last four wars(by geeting FIrst position in Allaince Wars).Please help me out and you can also check my Alliance’s win streaks too.

My IGN: Eeestil


interesting. quest still buggy like hell and don’t have been fix since? I have do a lots of topic about the problem of quest like Titan Quest and forge quest,etc… Same at 3.9.0 the quest still bug? :slightly_frowning_face: sad news. maybe 3 month of that

Hey @Warriornator  Is this quest buggy?I didn’t know that.

I don’t remember which but you can find them in bug sections.

I am pretty sure others bugs like the sound units do still there. When you hear a horse with Iron. Like a Western movie,etc…probably the morales bug and more. Hope in version 4.0.0 all of this will be fix. Close 5 month and not fixed

@HOLYDIVINE maybe the alliance you are in has won 4 wars in a row but you joined them after they won the first war so it technically means that you only won 3 wars in a row because you weren’t with the alliance when they won the first war.

Buddy last night it was showing quest complete right after the war was over and When I tried to collect the gems I received none and now this quest is appearing incomplete again.

Let me explain it once more first time when I logged in the game the quest was appearing complete.So I tried to collect my reward but got none.So I logged out of the game and logged in again after four -five minutes to see whether I have received the gems or not but to my shock this quest is now appearing incomplete again.

This is one difficult quest in the entire game and I have been working on it for the five months and now when I completed it.It is telling me to win five Alliance wars in the row. :slightly_frowning_face:

@HOLYDIVINE you may have more luck with tech support at the moment, since Morgan appears to be busy on the development side and consequently it may take some time for him to actually see your post

Okay thanks Buddy I’ll give it a shot.But I think @CaptainMorgan can verify this more quickly.

@HOLYDIVINE yes, in normal circumstances that is indeed the case. Yet, since morgan is currently busy forging fixes and updates (He hasnt been here for the entirety of the last week), you may actually have a faster response from ts (3 days is the estimate, better than a week or two you may otherwise have to wait for)

Last time he disappeared he was on vacation. It would be nice if @GalaMorgane could also keep players up to date on stuff like this, like Alysea used to do. Just a suggestion.

@dumpster it was also NY back then. Cant see any big celebrations for a while atm, plus it would be somewhat counterproductive to go on vacation when 4.0 is coming soon and there are all sorts of bugs around

march is a big time for people to take vacations too. Half of my office was out last week.

Hey mate

I just talked to my teammates and one of my teammate who joined the team only for the last war too received the 1000 gems for this quest completion.While in my case I am unable to collect the prize and complete this quest due to a bug.While I played the last four wars.

Now I am really sad! :slightly_frowning_face:

The upcoming weekend is gonna be a long one. It’s Easter. They won’t work Friday March 30th nor Monday April 2nd.


Source: https://publicholidays.de/2018-dates/

Do you know if we’re gonna get some minor updates 3.9.x before the big 4.0?

Not really. I want to hope 4.0 will be spat out right before holidays, although given the latest advances in the art of updating, I am somewhat anxious about such plans

@HOLYDIVINE our data shows that you have only won the last 3 Wars (in the War ending Feb 25th, whichever Alliance you were in came 3rd). Your new Alliance may have won 4 in a row, but for the first of those Wars you were still a member of Сила Богов.

That said, I’m not sure why it would show up as completed first.

Okay thanks so Now I have to win the next war to complete the quest.

But I have two of my teammates who just joined my team for last war and still won 1000 gems for completing this quest even though they participated in one war.So it is possible?Also when war ended this quest was flashing as complete in quest menu.?

So If possible could you please check for it too.

It could be that they came from an Alliance where they already won 3 Wars. The fact that it was flashing is indeed strange, but it seems to be “working” correctly.

Bro I told you. You won 3 wars. :wink: