March Answers

Greetings puny humans,

I’ve finally gathered the energy to respond to your incessant questioning! Please note: some questions were not answered, due to needing input from busy designers. They will follow in another post.

Yes and yes.

It may even be the case that we return with new temporary Blessings. The main reason both of these things have not returned is simply because changes in the game mean that they need maintenance so that they can be rolled out again. We have both features up for planned maintenance soon so that we can start scheduling more sales and events.

We do not have plans never to do this :grinning:

Again, we don’t have plans not to do this, it will just get done when it makes sense. The likelihood is that the next island area we add will be linked to a new Unit, so will only come when that unit is released.

No. Both Ajax and Artemis are designed to be much more powerful when played in manual mode.

We have not yet confirmed whether another Hero is being worked on. Only that we are working on adding another brother to the game. That said, we do have plans to add new Heroes in the future, but actual work on adding those Heroes is not yet in progress.

The next update will be version 5.0.0. We feel that after the ebb in focus on OR, it is right to begin afresh with a new major version number.

This will be fixed in the next version.

Yes. They have already been created, but are not yet possible to find.

Yes, new quests will be revised as and when it makes sense.

We will review this.

We don’t plan to implement this. However we are considering player Blessings (as opposed to Alliance Blessings) as part of a future feature.

This is under consideration.

There is a notification, but we will make this come earlier so that it is more useful.

Chris is fine but, as always, is in heavy demand for his godlike skills.

If going by Trophies, 8. To put that in context, roughly 8% of players are active on Windows.

We are currently looking into this, but it does not seem to occur in our test environment. If someone can provide a video, it would help immensely.

I will ask him to post something next time we untie him.

We will consider this, but it may not be so simple.

No, Stun is dealt with separately.

Archimedes explained this pretty well. Dragon’s Tooth attempts to max out the morale it spawns, so it is possible to partially control what is spawned. If you have 9 Morale and equip Cyclops, Medusa, Siren and Warrior it will never spawn:

  • Cyclops
  • Medusa + Siren
  • 4x Warriors

because they only use 8, and nothing can be spawned to cover the remaining 1. However, it will spawn any of the combinations which make 9 such as:

  • Medusa + 2x Warriors
  • 3x Sirens
  • 3x Warriors + Siren

Which of these is spawned is governed partly in a similar way to autoplay, and partly randomly. So it will try to even out the morale usage by units already spawned, and if that is not possible, randomly spawn.

Blessings stack. So they gain the bonuses of both.

We do plan to add additional fast units.

I’m just a little behind schedule due to being a lazy cyclops. Whatcha gon’ do? ?‍♂️

Although these questions are important, we do prioritise getting the version ready over answering these as soon as possible at the beginning of the month.

Please continue the discussion!

thx! :slight_smile:  

Here are our remaining answers for the month.

It’s a special kind of “Chaos damage” that does more damage to units with a lot of HP and less damage to units with lower HP. It can’t be mitigated by any resistances but Damage Reflection should actually reduce (and reflect) it.

It’s 10% of the Barricade’s base HP on that level. It’s not increased by Blessings or Enhancements.


- Siren Scream? 150% of sirens health

Don’t forget that it first attracts nearby units for 3 seconds (making them unable to attack) and then causes a lightning explosion that pushes these enemies away, stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing up to 8k lightning damage.

- Cyclops Rage? shield is 11k and the blessing shield for other units is 5.5k

While enraged, the Cyclops also attacks 50% faster and walks 25% faster.

- Execution for spearman? what does it do?

It’s a special attack (with a distinct animation) that does up to 4.8k damage compared to only 1.7k done by normal attacks. Spearmen only execute enemies which have less than 40% remaining HP.

- Rain of arrows for archers? Damage, slow?

No slow effect, just up to 5k fire damage to all enemies in the area.

- Shield block for warriors? Damage reduction and duration?

Shield Block reduces ALL incoming damage by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

- Fortification for the trebuchet? Damage multiplier for buildings/units? other effects?

Fortified Trebuchets have an increased attack range (5.5 instead of 3.0) and shoot twice as fast.

- Stone Gaze for Medusa? Duration and damage multiplier?

Units petrified by the Medusa take 250% damage for 3 seconds.

- Charge for Minotaur? Damage?

Up to 11k physical damage + 7k fire damage with the highest level Blessing.

- Tail slice for Hydras? Damage?

Up to 9k physical damage.

- Swoop for Griffin? Damage and stun?

up to 10k physical damage + 3k lightning damage and 1 second stun with the highest level Blessing.

- Rebirth for Phoenix? Max # units that can be respawn or is there a max amount of morale points

Rebirth will revive up to 6 nearby units. Their HP when being revived depends on their total Morale cost. The reference Morale value is 12. If it’s below that (or exactly 12), they will be revived with 100% HP. If it’s higher they will only get a fraction of their HP back, e.g. at 24 Morale they will be revived with 50% HP.


It should definitely kill Spearmen. We even quickly tested it here. If your opponent has blessed Spearmen with a lot of extra HP from Enhancements though, it could actually happen that one Charge wouldn’t be enough to kill them. The Spearman Enhancements are extremely popular and long term players have been stacking them a lot.

It doubles the damage of the next Power and adds a 3 second stun. It doesn’t change when upgrading the Power.

You know the answer to both of those questions. However, to answer your subtly disguised meta-question, there is a bug (or exploit) in the game, related to Frenzy, which we will fix in the next version.


The 3x multiplier is applied in both directions (Hero vs. GK). The Gate Keeper takes exactly as much damage as a regular Hero. The only exceptions are that the GK can’t be petrified and the stun duration is reduced by 80%.

The Stun Chance Perk usually stuns for 2 seconds, but the Gate Keeper is only stunned for 20% of that, so 0.4 seconds.

Pheme’s stun duration depends on its level. A max level Pheme stuns for 8.8 seconds which would be 1.76 seconds for the GK.


Obstacles are completely ignored by Helen’s Beauty. The chance to convert units is applied to every single unit separately. It’s like one dice roll for every unit. The direction Helen faces also doesn’t matter at all. As with all things random, sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. Don’t let this trick you into believing that there’s something fishy going on :grinning:

Only Powers which deal damage should cause the Hydra tower to submerge.

Shield effects don’t stack. When a unit gets shielded it will get the stronger one of both shields, so either the one that is already active or the new one. Unlike resistances, shields absorb an absolute amount of damage until they are depleted. Units won’t take HP damage as long as they have a shield active.

We actually never rebalanced any of the Masteries since they were released. Every Perk can be found on two slots. One of the two slots always has a higher chance of having this Perk while you’re less likely to find it on the other slot. Every slot can have 8 different Perks. Unique Perks like Frostbite and Demolition are rarer than others.

Have you been able to reproduce this, or do you still need videos? I can make one if you do. 

I already have given him video for that bug???

We’ve fixed the issue, and will be deploying the fix with the next version.

You said the minotaur’s special damage is 11k physical damage + 7k fire damage with the highest level blessing. I thought blessing levels had been removed and they were now all the same?

The war blessings are standard strength throughout, but normal blessings like the Minotaur are linked to alliance size which with every level gained adds a % to individual blessing. 

if you have fixed it and can no longer be exploited: can you tell (the rest of unaware players) what the exploit was and what was causing the problem?