Players have long been asking for a way to sell inventory to other players whether they are members of the same alliance or just the general community. 

Obviously this creates problems for Flare.

But obviously Flare could take a percent of any sale.  And maybe Flare could set minimum costs for certain types of item. 

But the most significant solution to the problem would be say a Level 10 player buys a level 130 sword.  What I would suggest is is a player is not at least 20 points from the item the item should work at only a fraction of it’s potential.  So a Level 10 player could buy a great sword he could use the whole game, but he will have to grow into it.  So as a level 10 player the swords stats would be 10/110 or 1/11 (approximately 9%) of what the sword would be once he reached level 110 or higher.   Obviously at level 55 it would be half and so on.