marking range of powers

as far as i understand it, the strength (or what ever) of ranged powers does not decrease when they hit several structures or units. so the positioning of the heros is crucial. it woul be nice if we could select (and also change during play) at least one of the equipped powers (including invos) such that their range and how many structures are in range is displayed before releasing them. i would find something like this very useful to find a good position and it would also be good for new players or for teaching others. what do you think?


edit: another possibility would be if some kind of markers (e.g. colored dots, small pictures …) appear at least on structures if they are in range of any of the equipped powers of the hero. or a combination of this two suggestions - draw a circle of the selceted power and change color (make a dot onto…) of structures in range.  anything like this.

I understand what you say, as a thin line transparent for example. However, these bases are so much repeated so many times, that it makes the tactics even more obvious… For example going to the corner of the barricade, may reach most towers after the barricade. Going in the middle of the road, on a corner, may hit 3 towers and the barricade… and not to mention Nyx, which can be a real pain if you are not close to the end of the road. Other uses I have struggled on my mini account was Perseus petrifying when he was lower level… it could have been handy the first few times I was failing bases, being used to blast it a mile away from incoming units… … …

It wont make any different to me at 98% of the time. I’d love to see other things, but I am not against it.

It would be very useful for Ajax and Artemis powers that aren’t circles, I think.