Mass Hysteria "nerf"

After the server “update” the Mass Hysteria boost is now stronger than ever. The confusion probability was supposed to be decreased by 30%, instead, the confusion probability at max level is now 30%. Before that it was 15% at max level. Congrats flaregames, you never disappoint us


Need Give them time to fix it or explain.


Just test them, they are useless again ,  they cant confuse anything now :wink:

Hello, you can find the answer here:

"Heya crew,

Some clarification with regards to the change to the Mass Hysteria Confusion effect.

Previously there was a mismatch between what was written on the card, and what actually occurred in game. For example, if the card stated 10%, the actual in-game effect was more around the 50% mark. Now the same card should state 20%, and the actual in-game effect should match that rate.

Sorry for any confusion, and hope this helps!"


Not sure how many % I am confused now…

Nice played. I don’t think we would have extended the boost to the max time if we would have known it will be rendered useless within a day of doing it.

At least those that bought the old version should keep what they bought or Flare should think about giving back the gold. It is just no good business practise to change the rules after the start without giving the other side the option to step back from the purchase.

yes the Mass Hysteria boost is now stronger and realy defence are hell


Stop overreacting. They’re still very solid towers, just not completely OP anymore.

I doubt they’re stronger now after the nerf as compared to before the nerf… :wink:

Overreacting? If you go to a car dealer and testdrive a Merc for a week and decide to buy it and the dealer decides to exchange it after a day with a Yugo, would you be happy? The dealer will tell you, it is also a solid car, just not that comfortable. If you answer him, I either want the car I had tested and bought or my money back, are you overreacting?

And they are still very solid towers: these are my FB without the nerfed boost also, no need for the boost anymore. I was just beaten by a player 11 levels below me with just knights (!), something the version of the towers we bought would have made impossible. Sorry, but the boost is useless now, no way we would have spent the gold for it.

Dnt spent, its ok.

Believe me, we wouldn’t now. Unfortunately we extended the boost for the max duration after the end of the war, so it is still running 26 days and 23 hours :-((

Its upset im agree


another side they was TOO hard in top wars. It was too hellish