Massive defend of healing elite arblasters

Does anyone here experiencing hardship when raiding tough bases with those healing arblasters? I encounter base such a lot of healing arblaster, i almost destroyed the gate but when the arblaster spawn, the gate came back to full health & sometimes its not imoving with those attacks, also tough barrricades/towers happens same with the castle gate, :slightly_frowning_face:


We want the elite arblasters balanced healing just like the gargoyles before :slight_smile:

Actually they are weak against swordrain and blizzard - those spells 1shot kill a whole wave of those from a distance. Notice they did not receive additional hit points with the boost, so one shot killing all at same time is pretty effective. Other than that, mortars might be effective maybe.

Any DoT is ineffective, unless you can damage them faster than they can heal. I find that Sonic Blast and Bladestorm together can put an end to them, though.

But yeah, Swordrain just became hugely more effective. Sucks for healers because now you have to fill that 3rd slot with an offensive spell > :slight_smile:

to clarify about Heroflorian statement, elite blaster only die under max sword rain, it survive under blizzard. Elite ablaster has 50% ice resist while normal ablaster don’t. 

Joelie a good boy now ?


Anyway , max you SR and you’ll have better raiding experience vs range troops.

You have to kill all of them in the same time, so Swordrain to do it. If you kill for example 1 before another you are in the dirt because you have to wait that their healing finish so you can kill them, and it’s time gone. I don’t know for how much they heal, i think is around 3-4 seconds ? i don’t know. However i have Frenzy Frost Blaster level 2 with 52% of healing and it’s overhealing… i don’t want to imagine how much can do an elite Arblaster level 8 !




Yeah swordrain lvl7+ can kill elite arblaster, but i cant defeat 100% bases on my trophy range 4100+ if i keep using swordrain cause most likely bladestrom,sonic & heal r the best combo spells ever using by mostly high trophy players for looting % raiding,  :lol:

But I don’t like it when it heal building.

So annoying with that heal.

I don’t see the problem and why frost or sword rain would be needed to eliminate them. Just battled a few times against max elite arblasters and had no problem in defeating them. Could be that towers in those defences were not maxed.


Use elite paladins to support hero together with a few arblasters yourself and activate bladestorm when they are close plus hero scream. First arblasters die instantly and heal others, but only one time as was the case in my situation. Paladins take remaining ones out in a few seconds due to hero scream and even when the remaing troops are still healing they die. Troops don’t seem to heal a second time, looks like some cooldown time is active in healing process. I certainly don’t have max bladestorm yet, but combination with elite max paladins is very effective against them. So don’t run in front and try to solo, then you are in big trouble.


If you time the bladestorm right on time, even some barricades and fences go down with them. Only after they died, take out towers with sonic blast if they are still standing, because your troops probably did already destroy them due to hero scream. Since supporting troops grow, those towers make not a chance at all.


Just use heal to refill the remaing life points of arblasters, canons and paladins for next wave. That way double heal strength is used and hero isn’t slowed down at all.

The arblasters heal barricades and towers, not just troops. Thats why sword rain is important. If you kill only one just a second too early with a DoT, he will heal the rest, and any tower/barricade you may have damaged. This can get really annoying, really fast. Especially if the person is smart enough to mix the waves and not just put entire waves of arblasters. You need swordrain to kill them all in one shot or you will be in trouble. You can try it without swordrain, but it will be more than likely be a lot harder to deal with the arblasters. And leaving them unchecked is really bad.

agreed, we want elite arblaster heal troops not buildings  :lol:

Just learn to deal with the arblasters.


No point crying for a nerf every time there is a new unit/boost that some players initially struggle to deal with.


It is no different to learning to deal with boosted ogres or wolves when they came out.