Massive exit of top players


I would highly suggest you do another contest, and quickly. How to replace the forge bug, or improvements for non alliance, team management, etc.   Like can you please make newly received items flash in forge menu like in hero attribute menu?   Simple thing that goes a long way.

The 4.x update has not shown much impact (you mentioned resetting war map, please let the new map play first so everyone gets to see something new quickly! …) 

the forging bug fix took away the one differentiator for top players (read my previous posts, seriously… )  I’m seeing a significant increase in players quitting, and I’m likely to be another shortly unless you want to discuss a short and medium term solution) 

And seriously, did you modify odyssey so the three items shown to enhance are less random??  In other words, are they items less modified? 

Prometheus said it pretty well, attached.   Many other top players I respect.  

Ps please do not post this publicly.  I agree with him, I’m finding little reason to launch the game daily anymore. The forge was enough for me, without, meh. 



From one developer to another.  I’m an automation and testing expert, mostly focused on windows platform. 




Sounds about right, and what Prometeus says is exactly right regarding the green items reaching titan strength within the same lvl. I’m over lvl100, but have hardly forged anything other than a cursed ring this past 3 weeks, there’s no point, as get most items we need now in war/oddessy chests!   Maybe FG want the high lvl players to leave as that solves the forging issue without the need of changing anything! But with the league system going belly up, they are definitely busy fixing that first, but think they will/have to do something to make forging ‘interesting’, 'cos at the moment it’s a stale turd!

Prometheus is right, but flaregames does not want to understand and is stubborn in his wrong choices

Prometheus is one from old players but i dont agree now with no cups stats, we need balance game, all (in and me)like unbalance bcoz we can win all without problem from old forg, fg and devs has mistake after one year took back that ok but now i understood why defenses was very easy, when i was 115lvl i won all top players without problem!!!if anyone want to leave he can, but i suggest check the new forg when will come, for me the best idea is one normal boost for example 20-25% for balance stats!!!

The Prometheus screenshot is exactly right, all the top players I know are hardly doing a thing now other than the ones that are improving their trophy count.

As I’ve said before, forging was open to all to do, there was no bug as anyone could do it with the motivation and time, now there’s no reason to, as an added bonus, players just reaching the higher ascention levels can’t now forge up killer kit that they need to compete on a level playing field.

As for not being fair on lower level players (the old forging) it doesn’t matter, I’ve a baby account and there’s little point forging as you increase in ascention level so quickly it renders kit obsolete very quickly. So this forging "fix"is very much a stitch up to the players about 115/120 and up.


We’ve been over this patch of grass for sometime now, and unfortunately when you have a miniscual minority such as  MrCouPer flying the flag for the devs, it gives them validation and only solidifies the case of what changes they’ve made are the right ones, irrespective of the other 99% that don’t agree.

    You never know.  I hope there is more to the story.  @Prometheus should be added since this was intended to be private initially.  I would think FG has a view showing player counts, average play time, etc and I will put real money that the stats have gone down during peace.  I will all venture that over the next month unless something is done, the exit of longtime players will accelerate. 


If you read my other comments from other topics u can understand what i mean , fg dont want to give back the old forg system and some want normal things no op things u want one game easy or have fun and every attack will have challenge? but i forgot u are papadiouf

Whatever system is made/kept, I just want it to be FAIR for everyone. Like this war, I’ve came up against a lot of ‘suspiciously strong’ GK’s, and I’ve not got the OP forges to kill them, so I’ve got to use an invocation every time I encounter one, which is more frequently as I’m near lvl 120. In normal play sure I can raid but in war you need the extra 5% VP’s.   Flare  @CaptainMorgan can you actually make things even for all, you’re having a laugh the way things are currently.  (but fix the bugs first please)