MASSIVE, the warrior, the leader and a friend

He finally took the step,

He finally went his way.

Leaving his battle,

Leaving his legacy to stay.

As a final honour to our leader i hold so dear.

I ask all of you to have 3 last cheers to him

Hurray!, Hurray! Hurray!

I honour of (massive)


Hurray!, Hurray! Hurray!


Beautifully written Serenity! He is a good man and was a great leader of Arabic Revolt!


King Digi from North Alliance salutes you (Massive)!


Light of Purity from The Lions den salutes the great leader

Hurray!, Hurray! Hurray!


Subhra Jeet from Us vs Them salutes u great leader

what has happened

the (massive)? u score all zero at this war. please grind some skulls, or we will lose this war. :confused:

I smell a flame fight right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Massive was a great ally , and true friend. He was always very thoughtful in his approach to the game , always very honest , and straightforward. Massive was one of the great diplomatic entities, and an originator . He was always improving , and adapting as the never-ending updates changed the game . He was truly a great leader who managed to build , and maintain a strong , loyal, hard fighting team of warriors.

It’s sad to see another great person, and legend of RR2 retire , especially someone as true as Massive. I wish him all the best in life , and hope he achieves everything he works towards. I am sure though his absence will be felt , he has left his team in very capable hands . Serenity Groen was more than a general , he and Massive were a team. Massive will definitely be missed.

Massive my friend , as always …Take care, be well , and my life be good to you.

Hurray x3 Fahad

Good Bye Massive, Wish you good luck with everything you choose to do. Sad to see another true player warrior leaving RR2.


Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! 


Kudos Serenity for creating the post.

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Great leader we all miss you.

All the best for future.

Ty all for replying, im sending a message to.fahad to look in here as a suprise for him. Hope some more will reply to make it a big thread

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!



But tell him to get back, I didn’t even have the chance to meet him yet and he’s already leaving.  :stuck_out_tongue: