Massively increased frequency of incoming attacks

I’ve previously suffered sudden, inexplicable spikes in attacks on my islands, with heroes being removed from resource gathering a dozen times a day or more, but I managed to power through them and they’ve generally lasted less than a week, so I never bothered to post about it. However, today I’ve experienced by far the most violent spike in raids on my islands that I’ve ever seen, and it’s so bad that it seems like a clear bug and is basically game-breaking for me in terms of impact.

In short, I went to sleep last night with every hero on an island, and woke up today with all but one back at base. Using ad bonus chests and gems I managed to get about half of them on islands by early evening. I just logged on after being out for a few hours and every single hero was back at base again.

This non-stop bombardment makes it impossible for me to effectively gather resources, and completely impossible to ever climb the trophy ladder. Something is clearly very wrong with the system of assigning targets for attack.

The only background factor I can think of is that last night I leveled up from 131 to 132 by finishing one of the buildings from the new update.

Since the guidelines request this info, I’m playing on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running android, though that doesn’t really seem relevant to this issue.

Attached are screenshots I took this morning and in the afternoon.

Here is a picture I took a short while ago. Note the huge drop in my trophy count, which was not high to begin with.

Here’s my attack log, showing the high frequency of attacks.

I was about to merge your thread with the link below, but I prefer to get feedback from Madlen/the devs next week.


The thing is, he’s talking about a different problem (or a different part of the same problem). He’s complaining about getting swamped because he has too many trophies at low ascension level. However, I have relatively few trophies and high ascension level and I STILL get slammed. Most of them don’t take many points, but even with -2 per attack it’s death by a thousand cuts, and some do take a lot on top of that. In any case, the core problem is that the overall volume of the attacks is just insane.

Bottom line: something is seriously screwy here.

The only thing that I can think of is that you have too few trophies for your level and it’s throwing everything off. At least most-everyone should be worth 15 for you!

Most of my map is always low-value targets, always has been. Still, with very aggressive attacking I managed to climb into the top 1000 a while back to unlock the fourth Artemis power, but I took a break from the ladder after reaching that goal. After that they changed attack scoring. Ever since then, whenever I’ve tried to climb the ranks it’s felt like one step forward, two steps back in that I’ll always make 100-200 points over a day or two and then lose it all overnight. I’ve basically just given up on it entirely, and most of the time it’s pretty peaceful, but every now and then I get randomly bombarded for a few days. It’s never been this bad, though.

You weren’t able to be level 132 before, though, which is why I’m wondering if it’s throwing things off now. 

hey there. @Tomaxo gave some links in the november Q&A section regarding to hero returns (i still try to understand some things / try to find reason for the increasing attacks some have right now)

in C.M. explains: 
“There are two things which affect how often a Hero is sent back:
How many times attackers successfully defeat you.
How many Heroes you already have back at Mount Olympus (the more Heroes you have on islands, the less attacks it takes to send one back).
Nothing else affects this.”

and in he said:
“Not every player who attacks you will correspond to what you see on your map. The players on your map are matchmade onto islands you have lost, but are not necessarily people who attacked you. 
A new player is matchmade onto an island if there was a Hero on it and you were beaten enough times to send the Hero back to Mount Olympus. A new player is also matchmade onto an island where no Hero is protecting it, if you have held it for a long enough time.
The Battle Log is an accurate list of everyone who has attacked you. Your island map is not an accurate representation of who attacked you.”

So: if the Battle Log is an accurate list of everyone who has attacked me and a hero is sent back if enough times attackers successfully defeat me, one of those attackers is responsible for the return ticket of a hero. (so this attacker could also be marked just for information if FG want this to implement), right? (and if the length of the battle log (last 20 raids) is long enough to see all attackers… i dont think this is the case atm …)
So: because of the changes in the game atm (new levels, everyone farms AND on the inner 8 islands it is way easier to farm right now) you have more attacks and therefore your heroes are sent home more often. (i assume the number of successful attackers that leads to a free ride is an absolute number not a number of attacks per time interval…).

but: both changes are more in advance of high level and high troph players, right? and why more than once it is possible to get successfully attacked (or you can do it also) within a short period of time? (~5min to 2h … why e.g. not only once per 24h possible?).  and i have the feeling that because of the mysterious match-making atm low level troph players suffer more. i mean i am lvl132 and between 21k and 22k and i have some more raids (heros are sent back 1-2 times a day now, before update nearly nothing). it is a bit harder to hold troph level now, but i have no idea how to hold / get trophs more than 30k unless match making is in favour to this or you use gems or you play a lot more than i do (already ~30-40h a week, which i think is too much for what i get / can achieve) - i hope they implement some player statistics soon…

@Triarius i dont want to find excuses why you are affected so heavily.

(remark: trophy system and its relation to other things is kind of frustration generator for quite some time now  :slightly_frowning_face:  )


@Triarius you’re on my map right now, on one of the inner (easy) islands. This is purely a guess, but I think this might be what’s happening: because you’re high level (top 5% or better) and lower trophies, you slot in to a bad niche. You match with other high level players, but you also fit the requirements for the easy inner islands (lower than average trophies for your level). Every player who is over 130 right now and active is grinding like crazy to get gold, and you’re on a lot of their maps. You need to be on their maps because of the requirements to have easier enemies on the inner islands. 

On top of this, you have what looks to be an older-style defense and low trophies.  Nobody is afraid to attack you. I’ll check you right now and give some feedback, but most players know how to approach that style of defense.

this could be a matchmaking flaw or “bug”, but I think you could fix it by changing your defense and powering through to bring your trophies up to an average level. 

Follow up: I think a different defense might help. 

I know that easier enemies on the island map was loudly called for over the past 6 months, and the devs are excellent to listen to their customers and try to please everyone, but this change might have some unintended negative consequences. 

I think we’re at the point where a better/more accurate measure of player strength isn’t just a nice idea, it’s actually necessary. The matchmaking has gotten too complicated for level/trophies. 

@NaN That explains why my islands keep getting cleared, but not why I’m being attacked dozens, maybe hundreds of times a day in the first place.

(By the way, I woke up again this morning with all islands empty and the attack log full of raids every 5 or 10 minutes. It’s impossible for me to keep any hero on any island due to the non-stop attacks).

@dumpster That might explain why this is happening, but if that’s really how this system works then it’s completely unacceptable. There’s no good reason why one player, especially one in low ranks like me, should be subjected to this many attacks. I should be free to gather resources, build improvements and enjoy the game without caring about the trophy ladder.

Right now it’s almost useless for me to even log in and I’m forced to wonder whether there’s any point in me continuing to play this game.

If that’s the reason (which it may not be), it’s because of an extremely recent change to the game. There is no beta testing of updates, so we do a lot of the bug hunting live.

that change *was* a direct response to the small but very vocal group of players on the forums who thought the game had gotten too difficult, so the devs do listen. Maybe they’ll reverse it if it’s causing problems  

I’d still recommend changing your defense. 

your heros are sent home as a dircet result of beeing attacked that much (and because they also suceed). why this is happening is because on the inner 8 islands it is easier to farm now and i assume everyone is doing this now on autoplay… idk why FG changed two things at the same time: new levels and making it easier to farm

i agree that it seem to be a deadly spiral for you right now if the low trophy level acording to your lvl is the case for this… you cannot really improve trophys with that amount of attacks to get out of this situation. as dumpster suggested focussing on your def might be the best thing you could do… 

and if i where you, i would write also to the customer support - maybe they can halp you directly and/or give (at least) some kind of compensation…

I think their new model is to do bigger updates less often. It probably has something to do with the size of their team and trying to avoid getting caught in cycles of constantly fixing bugs on the fly and never being able to make progress on the next update. That seemed to be a big issue in the past. 

there was a change before where the devs wanted to do a favour - they made it possible for lower level players to attack higher levels/trophies(?). and that caused problems too and people reported this. maybe they took this back now or made changes into the other direction, idk. 
whatever it was, devs should always be able of checking the modifications and predict behaviours of the system. if things like this occur, then another solution has to be found and in the meantime exclained why it is not possible to do so.

i have also a feeling like the change was also done to guarantee that high level players when they raise up fast that they still can farm in autoplay and do not matched so often against each other like they should. this is the oposite of the medail, which might or might not be true. 


edit: that should not be an offence, i was just thinking if there might also be another reason than just pointing to a group…

The October questions and answers has some insight here. 

also has the server update of 20th September 2018.

I think the last few changes to the trophy system and matchmaking have been unsuccessful. They should have left it alone after they changed the -25 max to a -15 max. It was working very well then. But you can’t fault them for trying to make everyone happy. They do listen to complaints.