Master Dungeons!

Master Dungeons!


Master Dungeons would be a new monthly Dungeon! Instead of being made my Flare these dungeons would be made by us.


At the end of the top 5 tiers of alliance wars the highest skull earning single player will be able to design a Master Dungeon! Your alliance will have to win 1st place of course.


When designing a master dungeon you will have access to Towers, Troops, Waves, Path Lengths appropriate for the tier of alliance wars that you have won! Of course they will be fairly strong.

The Tier 1 winner will have access to max Towers, Waves, ETC…


The top 3 Master Dungeons will also have special perks.

You will be able to pick from; Plus 3 path lengths, Plus 1 tower, Quicker waves, and Elite Boosts.



After these Master Dungeons are made anyone would be able to attempt them 1 by 1.

To discourage people from making weaker dungeons there will be no rewards for beating all these dungeons…

Well there will be 1 reward, the best reward of all! The top 3 people who raided these Master Dungeons the quickest will get there name on a Leaderboard!