Master of Life


I just have created right now a new alliance name Master of Life. the others don’t match my criteria and the name of the others don’t match with Royal Revolt 2 in general. I like the name have a sense and a meaning and match with the game like Warrior of Kingdom or Dragon Power if you want to use Dragon Boost,etc…I have hesitate on Dragon power for permanent Dragon boost like Dragofroster,Dracomancer and Unholy Paladin. After reflection I think that can match with my alliance

Meaning of the name

Like I said earlier I have hesitate on 2 name : My preference for Dragon or Healing. So I have take Healing. Everything related to Health and Healing is more large than Dragon.

What I have to offer

Like Olympus Rising I create this alliance to form a really active alliance where everyone will be able to develop and have fun. Yeah one of my biggest default is I don’t like to lose. So I will offer to everyone who join Rank 1 or try to be always Rank 1 in War Season and offer War Boost. Defeat is not in my dictionary.Sorry. Success is the key

Many alliance don’t use or partially use just few boost or no permanent boost and many have leader and generals without experience. Nothing to help new players or help them to grow. So I have create this one to allow each new players to use the boost who will help them and reach the victory. They will be able to grow level 1 to level 130 without problem

I am a 4 years experienced players with a large knowledge.

So here we go with the complete description :


                                                                                                                                        MASTER OF LIFE

                                                                                                                      Language : English - Level 1 - Open everyone is welcome

Boost to Offer (All permanent if possible)

Everything related to extra health and Healing meanings and some optional for a good defense

  • Blazing Knight

  • Holy Paladin

  • Frost trap

  • Range Bomber

  • Storm Cannon

  • Mad Monk

  • Witch Doctor

  • Tempest Tower

  • Blessing Werewolf (Prolonged if we have gold and if we got it)

  • Unholy Paladin

  • Dracomancer and Dragofroster

and maybe others

First I will concentrate to give permanent Holy Paladin

Boost I will not Offer (On demand if needed or asked in huge number. No permanent. maybe occasionally )

  • Stunning Ogre ( I don’t like them)

  • Raging Werewolf (Maybe if needed)

  • Poison Tower ( I find them weak and useless)

  • Power Archer ( only if there is other special boost)

and maybe others. can change over time. I will see later. for now there are not my priority


For now the alliance is level 1 everyone can come. Here my expectation in long terms

Alliance Level 1 to 20 : No special donation requested

Alliance level 20 to 25 : 100k-150k

Alliance Level 25 to 30 : 150k-250k

Alliance Level 30 to 40 : 250k minimum

Alliance Level 40 to 50 : 500k minimum

Alliance Level 50+ : 750k minimum


During War Season And Conquest i demand 100% participation. If you don’t fight you are out. Simple like that. However I know everyone have a life outside this so much time demanding game that why I allow outsides those 2 events you are free to do what you want. I don’t request you do Ninja Event or Pro Leagues or whatever. I don’t request like many alliance to be connected in permanence. If you are busy or you want to take a vacation. You are free to do it. Let’s say I will allow you to be 10 days inactives. At the 11th one I kick you out. However remember during a War Season or Conquest its 100% participation or out. 

I don’t think I have forget anythings. Enjoy the game and welcome

Members Criteria (for now)

every players who are in a dead alliance and really want to be in active one for change. fusion is the key. So if you want advice,tricks and a alliance to help you grow don’t look any further. Join me and have fun

For now of course only 2 free spaces. Will grow over time


Alliance now level 3 with Blazing Knight activate for 24 hours.

6 space free

Blazing Knight and Poison Tower are activated for 24 hours

8 free space

I just wait a Alliance Tower event to up my donation at 500k. To hurry to up this alliance to level 11+ for better boost

I forget to mention and the one who join me make me remember it

Announcement for New Players

i will allow you during conquest to gain voucher chests by huge numbers over 50k vouchers. That means during month and month we will stay at veteran scouts tier. I want every new players who join the game will have a chance to get 3 or 4 extra worker easily to allow you to build fast your account. So no where in this game you will see a alliance who doing that. New players is my priority. So welcome new players. Join me

Of course I need 15 active players before the next Conquest. So long road but eventually together we will go there

During War Season

Again no alliance will doing that but I will. I want to give chance to anyone to have fun. So I will offer the chance to everyone in my alliance to become at many reprise Champion to allow you to gain more chests.

So enjoy and have fun

one more thing…

About Boost

with my experience in Olympus Rising. I know how boost work. You will see no where in low alliance or medium alliance this. I will offer permanent boost of 30 days or more. I know how the cost work and I know how to attract more people. I will offer boost of 30 days. Not like the others with 2 days or 3. Yeah you read well 30 days

How many vouchers do you gain in a voucher chest at the end of a conquest event?

approximately 2000+

depend of the tier. The first tier 500-1000. Veteran Scouts its 3 chests for 4500-5600 maybe more

Top tier gives out about 3500 to 4000 max. Just over 1200 vouchers per chest on average

I can show you my video I have made about Conquest. Its around 5500. You up at 10k after 2 conquest. 3 chests guaranteed at least 5000. So that why in 3 conquest I have do with 3 different alliance I have make 15k vouchers and get 2 worker in voucher bazaar

PS : I can check my video to be sure of what I said but for me chests have give this amount of vouchers. Maybe like in festival you can be more or less lucky and get less.