In the mastery section,there are some +,-,% values,what it’s mean?are the powers we gain are permanent?what is cursed item and how to get it?some of my heroes get time reduction for powers but other don’t.

All your answer are in Topic ‘‘Version 3.6’’

For the curse see Page 2. For + and - % in masteries. Its if you spend gold like 90K you cna reroll your masterie you have chosing like Damage at 1.85% and try to get the maximum at 2.25%. If you have take Leadership and the game give you 0.87% you can try to get the 1.44% by reroll with gold. You can also reroll with Wisdom I think to get the masteries you want

You Hero who have power reduction its because they have a ring or a brooch who have cooldown. Cooldown reduce the power cooldown. By example if you have a power with 25 seconds cooldown without cooldown reduction. If you give 12% cooldown to a hero the same power can now be in green at 22.25 seconds

Hope I have answer your question :slight_smile:

Is there a way to keep the mastery that was chosen but increase its effectiveness? 1 to 3% boost doesnt seem like much. 

Masteries get better as you gain more fame. 

So all we need to do to increse them is gain fame or is it when you have the option to replace one, the new ones are stronger? Seems to me when i replaced 1 it was about the same % range as the one i replaced.

I think I replaced one with a lower percentage because I didn’t know what I was doing. I will be paying closer attention next time 

Believe me that make a real difference in the game. If you take Damage increase like I did but twice that make Hercule insane with +187%. If I can get a weapon of 770 I can up Hercule easily over 6K damage at Ascension 84. So if you are lucky and got double Titan masteries with the gold reroll you are in business. Maybe for you 1.5% or 2% is not big but in reality its huge, also that depend of the masteries you choose. If you talk about physical resistance or ice resistance,etc… for me its totally useless but if you talk about speed,leadership or everything like +4 or 5% more HP can make a huge difference in battle. the masteries you choose and the enhancements can make you win all raid or lose all raid. Choose wisely 


If we reroll with the gold, Is there a chance for converting the rare mastery to titan mastery?

I am pretty sure that only books reroll can change the “quality” (blue … red) of the item. The gold reroll changes only the values between the displayed range.

@doomlord786 @Dheth The quality of a Mastery is based on how close the perk is to the maximum shown (so if you have Cooldown +3-5%, 5% would be Titan quality, 3% would be Blessed).

This means that by rerolling with Wisdom, you can get a new Mastery which is Titan, and by rerolling with Gold you can make the Mastery you are rerolling a Titan quality Mastery. So both work.

Clear now, thanks!

Yes yesterday I change my HP regeneration of 4.95% that was in blue and got a choice between Life on Hit and HP regeneration. I got it at 5.95% but I reroll for 90K for 2.95% I reroll for around 120K and got 6.10% I reroll for 220k and got a Titan at 8.11%. So if you have the gold you can reroll until to get a titan. The price up at 100k each time or around

I have a question about the maestry:
if I choose power, for example at 2.23%, it goes up to the old value of 2.75 because it is the same slot or the 2.23% value replaces 2.75?


2.23% value replaces 2.75.!
You can click on “SALTA” to not use this Mastery and don’t waste more gold. Or invest more gold, to get this mastery better.