Matchmaker filter button

Matchmaker is used by many of us including me a lot.

If you don’t like the player offered, you can respin and get another possible opponent. every respin costs gold. Lately I can click many times (30+) on the respin button, unfortunately the players offered are either not the kind of player I am looking for or offer a rediculous low amount of gold. This results in a lot of respins, wasting a lot of gold, just because of a shortage or missing feature in matchmaker system. The main problem is that it’s completely random, you get players offered within 300 trophy range that aren’t part of your team.

Unwanted results can be divided over 2 categories:

  • Players offering lousy loot. When you have to pay for a respin, I don’t expect to get players offered that give me only 12-50k loot, that’s embarassing and a slap in the face, everyone does understand no one is looking for such result, so why are players with no loot offered? I know it’s to make it unattractive to raid such a player, but please exclude those players out of the source where matchmaker selects them out after paying gold for a respin. That first opponent offered could be a player with almost no gold is fine with me. After paying gold I at least expect a minimum amount of loot. What that minimum is I leave up to flare, but would expect no embarassing low offers.  
  • Players fully boosted. Sometimes you want to avoid some particular kind of normal boost or a few of them. I can click many times for a respin and time after time similar kind of players, with boosts I want to avoid are offered. I did press that respin button for a reason, I don’t either like the gold offered or boosts on that players base are not the ones I want. That season and war boosts can’t be excluded is fine with me. I would like to get a possibility to filter certain normal boosts out.

For example, I am looking for a player without a certain troop or tower boost. If there was an option to unselect certain boosts I wouldn’t have to click a dozen time to finally find a base I was looking for that is even giving some loot. Even when unselecting boosts would cost a littlebit more gold for a respin, I would be willing to pay that extra gold. That war and season boosts aren’t excludable I can live with, those players should also be targets and they earned those boosts not for nothing.

My purpose is to find a good target with descent loot more fast. It prevents endless spins for finding a good target. By adding a boost filter at least players find a good target more fast. Maybe other filters would be handy also, like a range of medals offered.

U can respin without using gold in matchmaking.just attack someone that is online and go to matchmaking again,the opponent change each time if u attack someone who is online

That trick I know, but is that not asking a lot of time extra?

I enter the matchmaking window for a reason, to find a descent opponent possibly beatable plus offering some loot.

Here your scenario:

  • Enter matchmaker.
    • Like the opponent -> Raid
    • Don’t like the opponent ->
      • Leave matchmaker window.
      • Say you know some one is online (you can hope he still is, that’s the question) and is in your favorites.
        • Select the option to see favorites or just search the players search screen
        •  Search or select the player
        • Hit the raid button and hope he is still online
        • Go back to main screen
        • Select matchmaker
        • Go to start

Your suggestion is more time consuming and there are much better ways to search:

  • Alliances list
    • You immediately see on the shield what kind of war boosts you can expect
    • By checking an alliance you can look for players and see very fast if they are overboosted or not
    • You can easily pick and check opponents in your range
  • Players list
    • You immediately see on the shield what kind of war boosts you can expect
    • You can manualy search for an opponent
  • Favorites list
    • Select the player you want to raid and go for it.

Whatever way I pick of these scenarios, I never know if I get a player with boosts I want to exclude or not, unless he’s on my fav list.

With search filters here’s how my suggestion works:

  • Enter matchmaker
    • Like the opponent -> Raid
    • Don’t like the opponent
      • In current system push the respin button and goto start (still option to get opponents with rediculous loot and overboosted)
      • In my suggestion uncheck unwanted boosts and goto start (littlebit more gold to pay for respin)

Players will be able to find a opponent qualifying towards their expectations. maybe this will be obsolete after new release, I hope such feature is available.

Yeah,some times I do like u do,go to alliance and search,matchmaking normally give u opponent range -300 or +300 of ur trophy lvl

i think they have this already