Matchmaking-Another day in paradise

   Well now I have spent more gems than I care to count clearing my map and lets see what today has brought. 

I am level 54 with 2100 trophies and my map has filled with the following

61 with 2200 trophies

61 with 2700 

65 with 2400

69 with 1400

64 with 2000

66 with 2500

66 with 2600

75 with 2500

  How is it that I have yet to see 1 single person below my Ascension level, unless it is by design? How long do you think this will be fun for people? 


Agree, the matchmaker sucks. I’m 60 with 2446 trophies. My current opponents are:

73 - 3052 - 6 buffs

69 - 3066 - 5 buffs

70 - 2372 - 6 buffs

69 - 2586 - 6 buffs

No one even close to the same ascension as me. Though I have just beaten a 77 for 3 trophies who had no buffs up and with 2 seconds to spare. The four above have good defences, I’ve tried, so I’ll have to wait till their defences are down. 


i am waiting 3 day now to attack someone  they all high lvl  only way to attack is spending gems is this the way this the game go to i need to spend like 20 gems each fight to take the land that is so bad

I must say, I have the exact same issue…everyone’s 5-12 Ascension ahead of me on my map and all with trophy range slightly above mine, at mine, and some drastically lower ones that I can only assume are climbing after last weekend or just inactive

Well im level 57 and all my enemies are level 65 and ,upright now i have a lvl 70 in my area ,this is not fair , This is so bad, i thing is easy if you open ask to every one to  transfer all our money to your bank account , because is the same thing anyways, because how can i win against a lvl 70? If my lvl  is 57 ? (Only with gems) ??? At his lvl he got all defences and troops at higher lvl …

Ok i hear you say that we can win against a hight lvl players thats a lie you know why? Because they have more chance to upgrade their troops and defence i cant because im still lvl 57 all powers , defences and troops when you reach the max upgrade for your lvl you are done you stop there because in order to move on in upgrades you need to level up your acencion in order to upgrade your temple , so then you can upgrade your troops but if you want better defence you need to level up your apollo gate so a level 57 vs 70 is a lost and is not fair 

Hey Eze. Defending troops have a health debuff I read I another forum. If that’s any consultation.

And nice photo of CrAzYCMM without his buffs active. Our alliance Red has about 6 or 7 buffs always active.

Yes we keep 7 blessings active 24/7 so there is no reason that any of our members should ever show up unboosted like that. It makes sense that we all lose so many trophies because the millions of gold we all donate doesnt seem to actually do anything, when you can just exploit a glitch and make those blessing disappear all together. This really sucks as that is thousands of gems wasted by my whole alliance. We may as well just not use blessings at all…blessings are a fabulous idea but with poor execution.

I have 2 Red5 on my map. One has buffs the other does not. The one that does not (Caramonx) had them like 20 mins ago. The other (Fatmafiaboss) still has same buffs.

I wish there were more opponents and more variety.  I probably see the same 35 players over and over even though there are a hundred thousand players total. 

TheDon what’s your lvl? I bet there are not many over a certain high lvl, could explain it



I have exactly same stuff as you describe day in day out. The gravy train will only go so far though it can’t continue forever . The matching mechanism totally unfair and the most ridiculous thing? The more diamonds one spends to clear off people the more higher ranked occupiers appear.