Matchmaking change?

Was there a recent change in the matchmaking algorithm? Today has been the most frustrating day since I started playing Olympus Rising. Every time I login, I loose 10-60 trophies, and even with fighting back I lost almost 300 trophies over today. It is even worse with my Alliance members, we all got beaten and one of the guys lost 1000 trophies over 1 day. 

I seriously don’t understand why do you add so much complexity into the game? I am currently surrounded by players from top Alliances, each having 3-7 blessings. They are 6-10 levels higher than me and are impossible to beat even with invocations. Couple of days ago I spent 15$ - they all gone now and with my heroes being constantly sent back to my base I don’t have enough ambrosia to send them to collect resources for the further development.

I must admit that the game is nicely done and very addictive, but with the latest changes it make me switch to other, less demanding MMO…



Yes there was an update - check the announcement sections for details. It ruined the game

They should change name to Olympus Falling