Matchmaking gets Worse

My team (Berk) matchmaking experience has gotten from bad to worse in the last 3 Conquests. This time, our 38 members were put in the same Conquest against 3 enemy alliances each with over 60 members. Our team has only 14 members with 3000 - 3900 trophies. The other teams each have more than 25 members with 3000 - 5000 trophies. With the tile block, we can’t stop them from entering our corner of the map and destroying the towers near our base. It is impossible to win and no fun. We’ve stop spending gems because we can’t win. I’m sure the other alliance aren’t spending gems either because they can beat us easily.

Conquest is no longer fun if this doesn’t get fixed soon.


What tier? What rank are you and the other alliances? How many in the whole tier?


Veteran Explorers tier.  Alliance ranked 413. The enemy alliances are ranked 209, 89 and 87!

That’s going to be a tough tier for Rank 413 alliance, no matter what. How many other alliances in that tier now?

We’ve won that tier before through excellent coordination. The only tier that we get totally hammered is the top one. I don’t see how it is fair to matchmake my alliance against much bigger and stronger alliances. Is the game developer saying that only the top say 250 ranked alliances with 60+ members can compete in the top two tiers? That doesn’t make sense.  In every tier, why can’t 4 x 30 member, 4 x 40 member, 4 x 50 member alliances with players of roughly equal strength be pitted against each other? What’s the point of a promotion system for top teams if, at the next tier, you’ll find yourself matched against a much bigger and stronger alliance?

This is Berk? I remember that name…

Oh yes, it’s that lvl37 alliance that was pushed to the top tier by the matchmaking!

I didn’t see your complains when the matchmaking was pushing you up the tiers.

The matchmaking didn’t get worse in the last 3 Conquest, it got worse in the last 7 (!!) Conquests, including the previous 4 that pushed you up to the top tier.

So now you’re having a taste of the real top tiers and you don’t like it.

This is like a joke. You’re laying all the evidence here: your alliance doesn’t have what it takes to compete in the top tiers. Your alliance lvl is low, you don’t have many members, your members are not that strong and you don’t have the money to outspend that.

Stop for a second and think why you should even be in that tier.


Fun? Who said this mode was for fun? Conquest is not fun.

It’s actually the opposite, it’s hell for everybody. Everyone in the top tiers feels the same. It’s very competitive (in a frustrating way), expensive, time consuming, enfuriating and a nightmare for generals.

But we all play it, spend our money and our time on it for 5 full days because the rewards (boosts+chests) are too good to give up.

I understand. But what if there are no other rank 400 alliances in the tier? You have to fight someone.

But the algorithm is poor, I agree. Rank 89 and 87 is out of whack.

Do you know how many alliances are in that tier? I’d like to know.

This must be a joke. ?

Dude, the matchmaking gave you easy opponents to push you up the tiers. That is the only reason why your alliance got so high up.

It’s not coordinating, strength, strategy or whatever.


And no, the developer isn’t saying your low lvl alliance can’t compete in the top tier. You just can’t beat the other alliances in the top tiers. That’s on you. Don’t blame the game if you can’t beat them.

Actually you should build a statue to the developers for skewing the matchmaking so hard for the past 7 Conquest in the benefit of alliances like yours. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

We didn’t get easy opponents in earlier Conquests. Many were tough but it was never as ridiculous as being pitted against teams with 15+ more members with much higher trophy levels. There were many close nail-biting fights and most teams ended up with pretty close scores.

I took a quick look at the alliances in the list on this tier. While I didn’t compare rankings, there were a fair number of alliances with say 40+ members so I don’t see why such alliances can’t be pitted against each other instead?

Yes, you did. You got easy opponents and you can thank the skewed matchmaking for it.

As soon as you got regular top1-2 tier alliances (which are not even the top alliances of those tiers, btw), where is your “coordination”?


Because it’s not fair.

Why should you get easy opponents (that allow you to score a lot and easier in that tier), while other alliances are being pitted against much stronger opposition than you and they still have to compete against you for promotion in the tier ?

That is messed up. Your way of thinking is sooooo unfair and so anti-competition. It’s not even funny.

It doesn’t get “worse”, you just got unlucky.

The matchmaking is good as it is.

While pure random “could” be “fair” everyone has the same chances for matchmaking, it isn’t really that good. You could either be well matched, matched with (“too” )easy opponents or matched against (“too”) strong teams.

The actual matchmaking limits the damage. This is why it s good.

The matchmaking algorithm still needs to be improved, imo.

How many alliances are in your tier?

Let me tell you what our current conquest is about. Genie and Master, a level 64 team is in top tier. We are matched against teams lower level, but with more members, since our team at the moment is suffering the situation that more members become inactive and we aren’t able to find replacements. At the moment we have 38 active members.

We are way stronger than any opponent on our map, still we are third. Reason is our own problem, not having enough members to donate stone. Even without being into problem once, we are 70 out of 80 on top tier ranking, meaning we will demote. We might be fortunate if we make it to tent boost, due to stone resource problems, even while we own a mine.

Is that fair? Yes it is! We simply don’t belong there, we even not belong there if we had every spot filled up. We came that high by being way stronger than other teams on the map due to matchmaker working in our favor. During the first conquests we only managed to survive in tier 3(!) by peace treaties. We really wouldn’t stand a chance to be honest.

My team realizes we don’t belong in top tier, even tier 2 is not our tier, that’s being realistic. Matchmaker now is just favoring us and many other low teams, that’s a fact. 

Simple, in top tier very strong teams should reside, not teams like us. Sure, it’s great to win those huge rewards, but honestly matchmaker should prevent us to get in top tier. We should have a very hard time in top 2 tiers, that would be fair.

Matchmaker should pick randomly opponents per tier, not holding reckon with alliance level at all. You want to take a shot at a tier where you don’t belong? Then accept that you are outgunned on conquest. You must not only think on your own team. When you are on a map with very strong teams, either those teams should be on higher tiers (most likely they promote) or you should be on a lower tier.

Yes, but it’s not your fault, you didn’t do anything wrong.

This is all on Flare. They messed this up.

So just enjoy it and grab those rewards. ?

There’s 80 teams in the top tier and close to 200 in each of the next two tiers. Something like 450 teams in the top 3 tiers. I’m not saying rank 300-400 belong in the top tier but they are going to be somewhere. And they’re going to be winning tier 3 fights every so often, thus moving to tier 2 (and possibly moving back down next round).

Match Making in Regular War as Well as in Conquest could be improved.      Must be improved actually.  

I know a lot of people do not like conquest but some do.    It is more of a team game than other aspects.    

I do not think the rewards are the driving force.  They are not even close to that earning in Ninja.      


We are from three conquests on second level (first level is highest). My alliance have rank 30-40 in game, but in last three conquest we always have/had difficult opponent:

  1. First conquest we had one alliance with rank 15, and other similiar as us (lowest alliance was rank 50)
  2. Second conquest we had alliance with rank 9 (the strongest alliance at the time on this level), and other with rank 15, and another with rank 80
  3. Now we have alliance with rank 12 (the strongest alliance on this level), other with rank 50, and another with rank 75.

Remember that it is second level conquest, and on our level are 116 alliances.

We don’t know, which allances are on top level, but on level where we are always we get stronger alliance, though we aren’t weak and we see that a lot of team are weak (many alliance are very weak i.e alliance with rank 644)

Maybe FG should putting up all alliances, i.e. all alliances will be divide for 4 groups depends on power of alliance, and alliance from each group will be assing to conquest’s group.

It amazes me you made your top priority to spam the forums with the same whinning on every single post.

He is not asking for EASY, he is asking for FAIR. Facing alliances that have 40ish players would give them a challenge, THE VERY SAME WAY alliances that have 60 players have when facing others with 60 players.

Every single post of yours reinforces your assumption of your god given rights to better prizes only because you are in a top alliance. Conquest after conquest, all you can do is point the finger at all the weaker alliances that made into tier 1 and whine - you are looking at the WHAT is happening to make your point, while completely ignoring the HOW that happened.

If these guys can outsmart all the other 40 players alliances, why shouldn’t they be able to move higher and higher? I’m glad to see them going up as far as they can, and very sad the see their chances of progress halted only because matchmaking throws them in the fire with opponents they can’t beat, no matter the skill of the opponents.

Is the system perfect? Far from it, you as a top20 alliance will keep facing top alliances, which tend to make for tough matchups every time since top alliances have less discrepancies in player activity and so on. I do believe you are getting harsher conditions in comparison to others because of that, make no mistake. But is it not like that on wars already? And would you have the game completely broken for everyone just to have it working for you?

Random matchmaking is so much worse. Tier 1 has 80 teams, if random is at work you as top20 will always get someone at around rank 80 and obliterate them. It’s easy to keep pushing for random when you are at the top and the odds of getting weaker alliances favor you.

It’s funny how you keep saying all the players want easy matchups, when in fact you are the one who wants it so badly. All the rest want fair, playable, something we could have fun while playing.