Matchmaking getting worst now

I don’t know when the developer will take this issue seriously.

  1. I am getting attacks from all high levels ( mostly gold frame and trophy above 50k , level 145+ , Titan league) players

  2. I am getting attacks from the same players within 24 h

3 . My map is full of those players which I mention in the point 1.

I know this thread is not new, but I am facing this problem since 3 months and its getting frustrating now. After these 3 months observation I can say that somehow I am being considered among those players but in reality I am not ( lvl 130 , fame 21k , trophy( very strongly managed around 9k)

Please FG, do something on it, I am losing my interest on defense.

Ps :- in the screenshot you can see same players attacks me within 24 h.

You guys saying that you are working on this problem, but it confuses me, as this issue is very old and it’s getting worst now.

Can I expect it will be solved in v5. 3.0 ?? @CaptainMorgan


Hey bro! Ready to come over here yet?

I can’t remember, when the last time I earned trophy from defense :thinking:.
I know it will go in this way. I just come here to get any idea to avoid these players. Maybe someone has overcame and now is fine. If anyone has any ideas pls do share. I am really hopeless about developer feedback on this issue. This is pathetic that FG is still unable to find the root of this issue. This is an old topic. Btw, how are you dude??:sunglasses:@EvilMorty

Sometimes I think of leaving my defense open. :joy:. What’s the point of keeping defense !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes match making is screwed up. I also find same opponents on my map and get attacked by same opponents too.


Can you please give me any ideas how to handle this,( any secondary way) at least until the developer doesn’t do anything on this matter. Is there a chance if I drop my trophy to 5k to 6k ?

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Actually there is only one way to get out of this mess. You have to raid crazy and earn lots of trophies.
Once your trophies are in the range of 20k you will find that attacks on your base will be less.

I know this is very hard to do so and not much of a solution but that’s what some of my teammates did.

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It’s really hard for me as I don’t raid a lot. I raid only when I need gold, that’s all. But as I mentioned, my map is full of such top guys, so autoplay doesn’t work and I need to play manually which consumes too much time per raid.
Anyway, thanks again. Let’s see what can be done. Really annoying.

@CaptainMorgan pls give this topic a priority. It’s important. Throwing ant :ant: in the elephants​:elephant::elephant: race is not good.

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There hasn’t been an update to address matchmaking since you posted your last thread on this subject. But there is one coming out very soon. Why not wait until that hits and see if it makes a difference or not?

I’m having this issue as well. The war changes its that big of a deal for me as it only effects titan league. The map matching and my attacks is out of control.

I’m a level 128 with 8400 trophies, I’m getting attacked hourly by level 148-150 with tens of thousands more trophies than me. And quadruple my fame BTW.

When I go to my map to raid there may be one or two people that are at a level that I can beat, the highest that I’ve gotten so far is 135. Anything above that I get slaughtered. These people that I cannot beat have stayed on my map for over a month now. I’ve tried attacking them several time to see if that would get them to drop off but no luck. You can’t tell me that people around my same ascension, fame and trophies aren’t out there because I fight them in every battle of war.

I have to spend gems to change titan chests challenges cuz at this point its impossible to unlock it with map raiding.

Again, I get the focus on the war update but it honestly only applies to a small percent of the entire game. Map match making effects everyone.

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There hasn’t been an update to address this matchmaking in the upcoming version I know. That’s why I wanted to know if we can expect it or not in the next version ( last section of this post). And if not, I wanted to pin @CaptainMorgan to draw his/her attention. And by the way, 3 months is a long time to struggle in this way. It’s not only me but many others. And it’s happening to the players around 130 lvl mostly. ( many players of my lvl has been confirmed that).

And yes I can wait. I waited 3 months and more and eventually I will be habituated with it. :joy:

There have been very little changes made over the past year, it’s not just the past 3 months. But a couple of major updates are on the way and I believe that matchmaking is being somewhat addressed. The first one could be out any day now.

It will be great if they considered this. Hope they fix this problem in upcoming version as it’s one of the major problem in this game right now many players are being effected by in my opinion.
Thanks !!!

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This has been an ongoing issue for me as well. My trophies used to be above 7,500 but now I’ve been struggling to remain at 7,000 due to unfair match making. I’ve uploaded many many screenshots on a similar thread and hoping it would have been fixed on the latest update but no luck. @CaptainMorgan could you please give us an update on this issue please? Thanks :blush: :+1:

The moment I hit 120 my map was covered in 145+, even 150. Sometimes it is a weak 140, but often all the invos in the world aren’t enough to bridge the gap. I am all for a challenge, but losing a hundred trophies on the defense side and another 60-80 on the offense side a day means a LOT of grinding to just barely keep up. I like a challenge as much as the next player, but there comes a point where it is a bit much.


This is what I mean. I am level 120, playing less than 3 mons, so less than 3K fame. Pitted against a gold-frame 30 levels above me from GOW.

Is it theoretically possible for me to win this? Sure. Are there much more appropriate matches the game could make? I think there probably are.


Start superforge perks, for example skill Cooldown perk on rings with attack speed and stun that will make your life easier.

I’m sorry, but you’re writing something stupid right now.


Sorry but " Avoid " Is the only safe option.anyways, the rotation in the map is working well . The matchmaking system has no shame :unamused:. The more it will be unsolved the more players will leave.And it’s the truth. The developer should take action immediately.

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Many have left already especially btw 120-130 lvls and still counting!!! The devs should first concentrate on match making stuff and not on the crappy invo forging which is worst when compared to the previous method of using invos.Totally agree with you @eldiferente,they are not paying any attention to this match making stuff although this is the case for quite sometime.Flaregames might want to change the name of OR as OR 300 like the movie of Spartans 300.The low lvl players like us are feeling the pinch.I am also planning to leave this game which is turning out to be a useless enterprise.


@Bhanu I do not understand the reason why they do not attend to this issue, this will really be as you say in OR 300, those of the Titan League and few more, encourage friend and see if we are lucky and this changes