Matchmaking imbalances

There are serious imbalances in matchmaking. It appears to be random often and lacks consistency between players. How is it that one player can be attacked 10-30 times per day while another gets attacked maybe once? Matchmaking also varies for ascension, with variances of +25/-10 often observed. Trophies don’t seem to matter because most my map opponents are significantly lower in trophy counts. Are there pools for the players where they get thrown into at random and don’t leave until the next pool criteria is met? I’ll give an example. A friend, who is close in ascension to me, has a significantly more difficult matchmaking setup than I do. Here’s his recent attack list:

My list for comparison:

What is the actual matchmaking algorithm used? It seems blatantly imbalanced most times. My map is full of easy players while the other mentioned player’s matchmaking is highly difficult. I do believe that matchmaking is done in pools, but if this is the case, it is very uneven. I see the same map opponents since I’ve upgraded to my recent temple, making me think the pools are done by temple level. This is something that is killing the trophy system, so what can we expect to be done?


How similar are your ascension levels and trophies?

Trophy count, mine is higher at 11k and his just went to 9.8k
Ascension is within 14 levels but we never have the same matchmaking, his is higher (but only as of recently).

That’s a huge difference.

You’re basically in completely different matchmaking pools.

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I have someone who is +25, +23, +18 asc on my map. I have zero players above my trophy count on my map. So what determines the pools?

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He also has top players like AG_UK on his map that has 91k trophies and is +20 to his current ascension level.

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It’s mostly based on ascension level and secondarily on trophies. But ascension level is the primary data point.

Nothing else is taken into consideration (except that you can’t attack players in your own alliance).

a player of lvl 128 with 9.8k trophy.How can he get those lots of attacks??All the players in the log are far higher in both lvl and trophies. ( I heard matchmaking is done based on lvl and trophy. I doubt)

First of all, those screenshots are a very limited sample size. But +- 20 levels doesn’t seem to be at all uncommon.

Level and trophies are the only matchmaking data points.

It used to be better, but players complained on the forums about the old system and now it’s worse.

If someone is above your ascension level and has a significantly higher trophy count, that is a serious map matchmaking problem. He has people +10 asc levels and +10k trophies… big problem considering I do not have this issue.

It’s bad, i agree.

Yes! I mean if lvl and trophy are the two data points of matchmaking, then the system is not working properly I think. :thinking::thinking:

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It’s how it’s always worked, so it is working properly. It’s not completely broken right now, though. There have been times in the far past when it was BROKEN. Now it’s bad, but functional/stable.

There’s a clear lack of transparency on many of the components within the game, matchmaking be just one area of concern. To what extent should customers consider this to be acceptable? We all like the game or we wouldn’t be giving feedback, but the lack of balance and transparency in mechanics makes it frustrating. We deserve better resources to see how the game works. Wiki OR and community guides are outdated and many of the resources lack content. Players shouldn’t have to rely on other players for what they think is the answers, the developers should have developed and maintain those resources. Make the resources clear, collective, transparent, and most importantly: accessible. As of right now, nobody has a decisive answer on matchmaking and that is the problem!

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I did say on another thread and it is blindingly obvious, that ascension level is far more important to matchmaking that trophy lvl, not sure what ratio but I’d say at least 3 times as important. Most of the time I have 7-10k trophy guys that have 140s ascension level. I’m about 25th global leaderboard, but honestly been 3 weeks or more since I’ve seen a player ranked above 25…


Lots of assumptions, but again lack of concrete answers, as most of these threads go. Would like a concrete answer on the matter, and how they intend to adjust matchmaking in the future.

They’ve been very transparent about the matchmaking system. You have 3 years worth of forum posts to go through, though. It’s one of the parts of the game they’ve been most transparent about, actually, since a lot of the fundamentals haven’t really changed for a few years.

But I don’t think the game devs owe you or I anything. If we don’t like their product or think their response to questions is too slow (and if you think this is true, please point me to another game where you get to have regular interaction with the dev team), we have the power to vote with our feet and dollars and play a different game.

What if they don’t have an answer to how to adjust it?

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You know what dumpster, you’re 100% right… there’s lots of MMOs out there. I’ve been playing for a bit over a year, been a paying customer, and have participated frequently in feedback. There’s been minimal change in the game and the developer responses have been lackluster. I planned to quit the game because of war enhancements being far too high when they were introduced, but hey fixed that quickly… but now, I think a better reason to quit is the lack of change in game content and horrible forum management on the big five monopolizing the forums and skewing customer feedback. So yeah, now is a good time to quit…


Godspeed, Morty.

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You are forgetting that the number of the attacks matter in the matchmaking. And then there is a certain amount of attacks that some users may receive (it can’t go beyond that). You are making guesses, without having all the facts in front of you, just by looking some attack logs. Your research has to be on a much larger scale.

Some folks attack a lot, and get the same amount of attacks in (especially on lower trophy counts)
Some folks attack a lot, and get few attacks (perhaps they are too high in trophies/ranking).
Some folks don’t attack and dont get attacked, or get attacked a lot.

All these numbers have to be evened out. Lets take the top25 situation. I am assuming these guys are heavy hitters, meaning over 50-100 attacks per day. Perhaps much more if we go to top10. But they receive much lower attacks.
We have explained the reason, its so they do not lose 50x15 or even 50x12 trophies, making it unfair to them, as they would lose more than what they gain due to the bigger trophy gain (if that changed to +3 in all cases, it could fix a lot of things - but thats a nice spice in the formula, difficult to replace).

So let me take an average of 3-5 attacks per day on the top 25 (received). A max of 125 attacks received in the top 25 guys. (While they attacked around 2500 times minimum)

Why would anyone expect to hit a top25 member, just because of their ranking, is so irrelevant and proven by the following numbers: There could be 100000 attacks out there daily (I think much more - but lets take an example, which is a relevant pool over 10k trophies and 135-140 or more level). So lets say 800 members x 20 attacks = 16000. Obviously 125 will be hit on top25. Its OBVIOUS… that even if the distribution was EVEN, you would have a VERY small chance to get a top25. 125 of 16000 can be on top25’s give or take a few numbers. And the distribution, is probably not even… for a number of reasons.

Its not a matter of the trophy/level relevance or weight in the matchmaking. It is clearly the amount of attacks that players can take in. Just because you are 50k or 80k trophies, doesn’t mean you should meet the top5 or top10 players or top24. That just cant happen, for the reason I explained, low attacks received by high ranked players.

And I’ve also mentioned the possibility of servers… so this might even lower the chances of getting someone specific.

I got Lithgow today, and the last 15 trophy guy was last week. Before that, it’s probably been 3-4 weeks.