matchmaking improving considering players strength

Matchmaking should consider players individualy too. In my oppinion it has the same importance as alliance level and alliance trophy average.

For example if just one a player in alliance A has 4000 trophys and the strongest player in alliance B has 3500 trophys,  alliance B players  will not pass through a 4000 trophys player.

Maybe could be used tiers like the ones used on ninja event to rank players. In this way, If we got the same example, a perfect match for alliance A has just one player between 3850-4299 trophys (same tier), same trophys average and same level

What do you take into account to know if a player is « strong », lvl or trophies?

Trophys, lvl are less significant in game. If you get strong you gain trophys, if your defense is not good enough, you lose then.

Ok so I must disagree, trophies can be easily manipulated, so it isn’t good to only take trophies into account.

I agree with you. Trophies are far too easy to manipulate. Hero level is a much better system to go by, though it is still not perfect. It would yield the best results

I think they must fix the trophies issue first. The idea of something that massures your defensive and ofensive power is wonderful, and if it works, why not use?

But without fixing this, probably will be necessary to consider something more as you said.

A good way to fix the trophies issue is win trophies as ou win lvls and as you upgrade towers and this ones you can´t lose. So, for example, if you are lvl 100 you have 2000 trophies and no mather how many times you fail, you don´t drop below 2000.

players 10 lvls above me have problems to pass by my defenses.

well, some will have better defenses than others. That’s the point of the game, to have a good defense. Those guys probably don’t have good enough stats or just aren’t using the right combo

And about putting lvl inside the trophy?


Screenshot (167).png

I think everybody tries to reach higher scores of trophies in order to get higher rewards on ninja event. Maybe the developers could change something to balance this…