Matchmaking issues

Matchmaking needs to be looked at, otherwise leagues don’t matter. Things like this 

will keep leagues being problematic. Perhaps reseeding based on size and level. Something needs to be done. Not saying it wasn’t a good move for their allaince just saying it’s a crappy thing to be allowed to do. 

You aren’t serious, are you? 

How it can be problematic?

We all want what is better for our teams and my team has half accounts below level 120 including myself .

Do you think we should  go and fight titan leagues against teams that has level 131 opponents?(old Elites that are playing OR with bugged items)

Anyhow, I have no interest in playing against old elites and @vasudeva1 , @Philstar and @ZuZuu know this & can explain it in better words

(Yeah forgot to mention there is very annyoing player who goes by Athena, I wil keep my team away from such Players)


@CB50@HOLYDIVINE is absolutely right, going to the league of the titans and fighting against the alliance of the players of the untouchable elite for whom this system of gifts like buggy and super-blessings was created would mean doing even more credit card for elite and without any chance of being able to compete, the result would be a huge loss of gems for nothing (people have to use the gems to have a “return”) and the alliance emptied because of the frustration of the members that losing soundly would abandon the 'alliance. For this @HOLYDIVINE is doing very well not to go in the league of the titans … ops in the league of elites full of gifts

I didn’t say it wasn’t the smart move but it is broken in the system because if you had all 131s you could still do the same, it’s a strategy that can easily be exploited. Just pointing that out. ( I’d do the same in your case @HOLYDIVINE the Medusa blessing isn’t worth the league above). You just showed how easy it was and how the strategy keeps Allainces in whatever league they want.

Holydivine is in league of Gods. Chaos Gate is the prize for moving up to Titan League. 

Whoops, sorry… but still can be done by anyone. In any league. 

Having alliances seeded by strength between war seasons would prevent it.

Well it wouldn’t prevent alliances from trying, but it would make it very difficult.

Exactly my friend, new war system is no good.

We are however Willing to fight in titan leagues provided that we are allowed to super forge items under old forge system that our opponents have.You know old elites players.

Even take a look at your team, you were matched with wrong teams and how many members you lost in last two seasons. 

Leaders have to think what is best for the team.

Even weed the people guys are doing the same thing. Even though none of my teamates were happy we were losing to bad teams.

Whom we dfeated easily in first season 

It no longer matter if you end at first rank, or fourth or sixteenth rank.

Do what you think best 

That’s kinda exactly what I started with 

You’re as good or better than half the teams in titan league. You’re going to lose players eventually if you keep trying to throw wars on purpose. I’m not saying this to be negative. The best and most competitive players in the game don’t want to lose on purpose week after week. They want to try to be #1. It’s a very risky strategy.