Matchmaking system broken

Since the update today, all my invading opponents are level 4 or 5.  I clear them and they are replaced with more level 4-5 players.  This is very frustrating as there is no trophy rewards yielded.  I should be getting level 60+ opponents.  Please fix this.  Thanks!


Could you please let us know your ingame name, I will forward it to the team tomorrow morning so they can look into it.

Sorry for the troubles.

My ingame name is Betsy JoAnne.  Keep me posted and thanks!

Hello Betsy,

The team is aware of it and there should be an update today to fix the issue.

We will keep you posted!

Sorry again for the troubles.

Thanks so much for your help and quick responses.  Since this update, I am getting one player near my level - which I’m very happy with.

However, this player has absolutely no “towers”.  They could have purposely done this, or it may be a bug.  Thought I should let you know.

Also another bug that cost me a lot of gems…

You can’t upgrade the “Hero Hall” past level 10, the option is greyed.  However, if you click the “worker” icon, it will automatically highlight the “Hero Hall”, showing availability to upgrade it to level 11.  It’s an 8 day, 9,000,000 gold etc. upgrade.  When initiating the upgrade, I lost gems and the app crashes and restarts.  

Also, in my alliance chat - when it’s minimized - I see chat that does not show up when I maximize the chat window.  I think there’s some buggy issues with the chat system not “going through”. 

Thanks again.

Hello Betsy,

Thanks a lot for your report, I will forward it to the team so they can look into it!