Matchmaking system: PLEASE fix it!


Matchmaking system is (still) broken! We’re a clan ranked in the top 500 with most players between 1000 and 2500 trophees, only a few around 3000-3500 trophees. This conquest we’re facing a top 350 clan (okay, I can live with that), but also a clan ranked number 12 ???!!! I mean COME ON! How can we be matched with that clan?? This demotivates not only me, but my whole clan! We can’t do anything but watching those 5000+ trophee players crushing our team (half of the clan doesn’t even leave the stronhold, to avoid being attacked).

This is no fun anymore and it’s the second conquest in a row that this is happening…

I know the issue is known, but we never had THIS much struggle with it. Please fix this, before people start leaving.


There is a lot of information missing to draw any conclusion. 

First of all, what tier is your alliance participating? Top tier, tier 2,3,…? Then of course, what level is your alliance? When your alliance level for example is pretty high and you lost a lot of players and replaced them with a lot of lower trophy range players or have tons of open spots, you can not have the expectation to get matched against pretty low level alliances.

I say this for a reason, the higher the level of a team, the more and stronger boosts are available. Matching teams on trophy total would then be unfair. When you play in tier 1-3, this tier can be too high for your team. 


the majority of alliance do the same mistake. They gain too much Conquest points and up and up and up in tier until they face Alliance 5 times more stronger than them. Solution drop tier. The tier you are on is too much for your alliance. Simple thing like Ninja Event or Festival. After you drop you will match with same power alliance.

Still , there is what 80plus alliances in each tier? #20 vs #300?

I mean what are they suppose to do?

And, just like with the failure of the fiefdom system.

It basically is insisting teams lose on purpose, sit out, don’t play as hard as they can? The matching is flawed in wars and conquest…

There must be a better way?

Hoping some new math is put into motion on both systems.

This topic should be moved to conquest? Battles? Wars?

Actually, I think there should be a section that discusses Match Making, because we know there are issues with it in all aspects of the game. 

From Wars, to Conquest, to Festivals and even random generator the matchmaking systems are flawed.

Perhaps if discussions about Matching and Pairing of alliances had it’s own section players might help find a solution?

I think perhaps an unseen game generated ranking of players or teams.

Could perhaps come from the players actual level, and base level, combined with a ranking of the alliance they reside [the ally level, the allies rank]. 

JUST to maybe level things jenough where at least similar teams are in competition?

No exact idea just thinking…

But I do believe it deserves a topic list of own?

Hi there,

I am locking this thread because it is no bug.

There is a thread already open about the Matchmaking in Conquest, you can continue the discussion there. It was originally a thread for the Halloween Conquest only, which was when we made a change to the matchmaking in Conquest the first time after introduction but it was used for discussion ever since for every Conquest following the Halloween Conquest. 

You can find it here:


  • Kuska - I think a general topic for matchmakings in one thread would not be ideal, because they are different game modes and work differently. But again, ideas are welcome to any of the topics via the idea section or if you want to discuss, please use the search function if there is already a topic open about it, if not, please open one :slight_smile: