Matchmaking system problem


I don’t understand the matchmarking system. I’m facing ennemy much stronger than me.


Exemple :

 - I am level 15/he is level 22

 - I have 1028 trophy / he has 1611

 - I’m ranking 24372 / he is ranking 849


What can I do ?  I will be destroyed…


Can you look at this problem please ?

I’m also curious on matchmaking

im getting a lot of attacks from players who are 15-20 Ascension levels ahead of me. 

I know player count would be somewhat limited in the higher levels as its still relatively a new game but I would suggest to keep it within 5-10 levels of your own

Even 5-10 levels higher than you is a lot.  Hope they fix this when player count increases, cause i have too many high level players on my islands that i can not get rid of.