Matchmaking within league

Maybe it’s just a small thing, given the bugs we’ve had/are having,  but think that within the leagues themselves there could be better paring of teams. We got an alliance in 3rd tier with over 500k trophies ranked top 30. We’re about #70 and have a little less than half the trophies of the alliance mentioned.  Good to have war, but our map is basically a 1v1 with a giant on one side that’s not going to get attacked - Prob boring for them also, who knows… ready those sad faces!!

They probably shouldn’t have been in that league in the first place. That’s where the problem started. 

There should be a mechanism, whereby upon promotion, a calculation should be made based on average trophies per alliance in the league. If the alliance is 40% over the average # of trophies, they should go up one more league. As I mentioned above the alliance have around +100% trophy count compared to the average in this division.

People will say that to balance, an alliance will have to demoted down to make way…so be it. It will make for better pairing.

Your not the only one.  I got a rank 43 in with rank 76 and 156.  It’s a 2v1 because why wouldn’t you just take the easy trophies. Whooo another fun war for the alliance!!!

Yeah a 3 day slog, IF we last that long… even defending our 5 skull might be a tough one  :slightly_frowning_face: