Ive been loving this game ever since it came out. But lately it’s been getting really boring. Not because the gameplay isnt fun, but because of the matchmaking. 

All of my enemies are between 5 and 13 levels above me. Not to mention running a lot of blessings. Meaning i can usually only win one or two fights a day. After which I need to wait untill my enemies refresh.

If the matchmaking is only going to pair me with higher level enemies, there at least needs to be a way to search for different opponents. Or everyone that doeant spend hundreds of euros on this game will eventually get stuck with overpowered enemies on their islands.



Hey there,

The matchmaking should be improved in the future, as stated by CaptainMorgan here: 


same thing here. sucks

There is no matchmaker in this game… cause we dont have the option to raid other player bases…

Horrible, no beatable enemy beneath. Thinking of retiring from the game.  Does not make fun, if you don’t have a single chance to win.

This is why we should be able to choose who to attack, not only defend our islands.