Just wondering if the player balancing will take place in the next update?  I currently have players more than 10 levels above me occupying my islands which I have no chance on beating.  I’m currently lvl 35 with lvl 49 players on some of my islands. Plus, Any news on when the next update will be and what will be included in it?

Yes got the same problem, im lvl 65 and get a lot lvl 75+ lvl 80+ lvl 85+ in my map, never get lvls below 60 in my map!

Hey guys,

We are always working to ensure that the game is well balanced, so thanks a lot for the feedback!

There will be an update in the near future to improve the matchmaking (and reduce this problem), and we will continue to look into improving it further beyond that update.

In the meantime, using an Invocation is often a much cheaper way of winning such battles, and can really turn the tide. The amount of Gems you will spend on using a few Invocations is often less than the Gem cost of the Ambrosia to revive, or travel back to the island. If you haven’t already tried them out, testing your own defense lets you try the invocations for free and get a feel for how powerful they can be.

Hope that helps you to kick those pesky enemy gods off your islands!

Keep the feedback coming.



I hope the future is very near. But in the meantime thanks for the clue to spend gems and money to conquer this unfair system …

Yup guys you heard the man.

Empty your wallets if you want to win anything :/ 

Probably not a problem with this new update. But if a base has being on an island for over 24 hours or something there could be a way of getting a different opponent to occupy that island giving people a chance to remove bases they don’t want to attack

I have lost so many trophies trying to get these higher level players off my islands.  I managed to boot a couple but some will be there for a very long time. 

Tricky question. If the map appear only opponents with a higher level of ascension, is fighting whom TOP1 gamer ascension? :slight_smile:

And then I ask the question more seriously. Do you have the enemy is a blessing to all, and his clan never turns off (24/7), then is there any chance to defeat him? It is much higher in the scale, and the card does not pass even the prayers.

Sorry mate… But… What?

I guess he asks, when everyone is presented only players with a higher rank than himself, which opponents are then on the map of the player at the top of the leaderboard (well, there is no one above him, so he assumes that there are no ememies shown).

The second one I also don`t understand.

Second question. The enemy has activated all the blessings (buffs). Win is simply impossible, even if the use of magic gems. What to do in this case?

Wait for the matchmaker-fix. But for me it looks like it is better since the latest update.

The matchmaking system has to be looked at.

We get very few new opponents, and almost all of them are +7 lvls ahead, fully buffed. 

Only thing to do here is: wait… because no invocations can help you in this cases. 

After today patch 15.06.2016 it was stated that:

  • All opponents who are matched onto the player’s islands are 5 levels lower

What do you mean by this? I am ascension 47 and still have enemies ascension 55-56 on my islands!!!

They are 5 levels lower than the opponents you would have gotten before the update.

I`ve seen this too. But all opponents, that spawn new are lower than your level. The higher ones have just been there before the update and not expired yet.

Hey there,

I edited the patchnotes so it is clearer now :slight_smile:

I have opponents on the islands, which it is impossible to win. Tell me, how often opponents are replaced, and when the enemy buffs may be lost (if they are activated in the clan).


Please give precise data and figures. Thank you

Hello MrSinner,

The opponents are rerolled more or less every 8 hours since the live server update which happened a few minutes ago.

It is unfortunately not possible to determine when the blessings expire exactly, as the Alliances can always prolong them if they wish to. The length of the blessings will then depend on the choices made in the Alliance.

Hope it answers your questions!

Please Reformulate these suggestions:

  1. The fire resistance of Enyo Barricades and the Range Bonus of Triana Towers have been slightly reduced
  2. The potency of all Powers has been increased to make them more viable at higher Ascension Levels

Write in other words, because of the complexity of the translation we do not understand the essence of the update.