Math prooves Blacksmith is Anti-Christ?

  • With every 3 successful upgrades a Hero-Item reaches a new rarity level.


So, That’s 15 levels from Normal to 100% Uber


15 levels that each bring you 6.66% closer to 100% Uber!


Could da Blacksmith be the Anti-Christ?

(the math says maybe)


Merry Christmas Everybody!



No, he’s Flare’s money eater.


Blacksmith & “Real” Cost Using services to melt down items:   


  Coins bought with Gems Shop 29/11/2015                                                                 Each item returns 2 Pearls

#Gems   Coins          1 Gem=C

  949   $2,617,440       $2,758.1                                       1Gem = 0.2 Pearls      


                              SellPriceItemCoin     Gem Equiv     Pearl Equiv    Melt Fee    Gem Equiv    Pearl Equiv     TotCostinPearls

 Light Iron Boots              $85,657               31.06              6.212           $42,829     15.53            3.106                  9.318  

Embellished FortunBelt  $100,689               36.51              7.302           $50,345     18.25             3.65                10.952

MightyFortune Belt         $109,674               39.76               7.952          $54,674      19.82           3.964               11.916


Perhaps not the Anti-Christ, but new ‘services’ devalue what you have in inventory!!  I chose 3 items, & translated their ‘sell-back’ price [in gold Coins$] into ‘Pearls’ [using Shop value of Gems & coins those Gems will purchase Plus the given 1 Gem =0.2Pearls].  So, for an item equivalent to about 6 or 7 Pearls, you only get 2 Pearls BEFORE you pay the Melt Fee to the Blacksmith, and that fee is equivalent to 3.1 to 3.9 Pearls, for the above items.  

And, of course, to start with, the buying cost of each item was 10 x $gold coin sell price to get into inventory!

Not only have you lost hugely in value, what is the use of the these Pearls, now that they cannot be used for some Spells?

Have I got the Maths wrong, or has Flare?


This is so weird. Flares devaluates items a lot for melting…

where is flo when we need em?


<howls @ moon

Who flo from prgressive? Yeah can we get a price check?


Think theres a coded message in here? ILLUMINATI IS TRYING TO.PASS MESSAGES THRU THR FORUM Ahhhh

My master wants to ‘illuminate’ nothing

he brings you the darkness*


  1. +6.66%=              }**

  2. +6.66%=13.42%  }-Black

  3. +6.66%=20.08%  }


  1. +6.66%=26.74% }

  2. +6.66%=33.42% }-Green

  3. +6.66%=40.06% }


  1. +6.66%=46.72% }

  2. +6.66%=53.38% }-Blue

  3. +6.66%=60.04% }


10.+6.66%= 66.6%   }***

11.+6.66%= 73.36% }-Purple

12.+6.66%= 80.02% }


13.+6.66%= 86.34% }

14.+6.66%= 93.34% }-Gold

15.+6.66%=100%     }****


* @ Roy: no its not a code from secret sosity, it requires math skills of a 7 year old to get this joke. blame your mother. she loved smoking crack more than you and got you a phone to stay out of her pimp’s hair while she sucks pud. fuck outta here


** @ math wizards: i know is 0.1 off from actual for clarity  :grinning:

*** again

**** again

Re above “Message” to *@Roy: given the demonstrable inability of that writer to spell, not surprising that the poor chap thinks personal abuse can refute another person’s argument!

Its not Allways abuse. sometimes the trolls are actually fgs propaganda minestry in disquise. posing as troll in order to throw the doggie’s off the trail when we get a little too close to a truth that they need remain hiddin. but mostly i can tell the diff when fg telling me to hush and an attn seeking child.


and Jos, dude/mamm sir. please. TYPO corrections, really? dont be a toe-head. but yeah, i admit im horrable speller. and funny thing is im native! but yeah, fk it. its only computer spell checkers that make these kids APPEAR to have such command of the Engliah lang. At other times the typos are force of habit to fool internet chat room moniters.

Fun Fact: the software @ full tilt poker will boot you for the word coffeecake!


here’s I more cute fact for your hucky voo-doo doll…

my kid sister is a High scholl English teacher lolz

oh, where did i stray…prolly 2 many video games  :wub:


and welcome to the forum, JOS

we love to hear fresh new voices. i quite enjoy nerding out to your math!