Max Castle Guard / Castle Gate should have 14 Waves (Not 8 Waves with 6 Looped!)

This is one of the most minor upgrades I’ve ever suggested…

The Castle Guard currently has 8 waves.  But for a maxed out Castle Gate 14 waves are played.  So it just repeats the first 6. 

I’m requesting an upgrade that unlocks the an additional 6 as they become appropriate according to the Castle Gate / Castle Guard stats. 

The reason is: if I had the choice my 14th wave would be nothing like my 6th wave. 

Further with the Blacksmith Shop and infinite possible weaponry upgrades you need to allow improvements in the defenses to keep up. 

This is a simple improvement that should have already existed. 


There are people that still have to finish waves of 1 year and more ago (me included) and you want 6 plus waves, this is crazyness. Do not look at the quantity of the waves but at the quality of them is more important. For quality i mean good combo in every waves.


You could improve the quality if you could focus the purpose of the waves.  Currently Wave 6 is encountered right near the beginning of the battle and right near the end of the battle.  If I had the ability to actually plan out both waves individually one would be more heavy on Monsters and the other would be more heavy on ranged units. 

Also obviously currently upgrading Wave 6 is the same as upgrading wave 14 so they should either decrease the costs of all upgrades by about 55% percent when implementing this.

And the Award of Worst Suggestion of the Year goes to… Maerique! Congrats!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes over 2 months to max each wave! Your suggestion would add +1 year to the process of upgrading waves!!! 

Someone put this guy in a mental ashylum…


Half cost and time would not solve the problem for players that have max level waves. They already paid full price and waited (or paid for) full time for their waves.

But keep bringing dumb ideas like this, Flare might hire you  :wink:

Did you start playing this game a few minutes ago or what?


You really believe Flare would do that without charging anything??? 

“You’re getting a free game get over it!”



And the Award of Best Joke of the Year goes to… Maerique! Congrats!!!

Plus, other users suggested those things before  :stuck_out_tongue:



Or you really believe other players never thought about/suggested Dragons+Improving items in RR2 til you make a post about it?



Hmmm where is that suggestion?


I usually just ignore the things you post because of the amazeness of your ideas, don’t even know why I entered on this topic 


I’m just glad Flare listens attention. 




Then let’s get out of here  :wink: