Max chests limited now ?

With the new update i can t have more then 15 chests ?

my ubers from war and daily chests are not added !



Where do you check limited to 15? I haven’t update and currently has over 30 chest from wars and ads…

It might be related to the Operating system.

On Windows a few of my members confirmed the troubles I experience with Vungle ads. Almost every time we try to watch a video we get a message that there is no video offer available.

yeah. something screwed up on your device if u lost your chests. there cannot be a cap of 15…

u can win 23 chest in the current war. plus the 2 or three u get for your daily log in. plus ubers 4 sale?

but jus 2 pre-warn u. ive lost chests due 2 who knows what, an your pretty much SOL if they poofed due 2 the update.


Maybe there is a problem with video chests ? They are not rewarded after watching a video ? I’m pretty sure it happened to me today and yesterday on Android, on Windows I could get them.

Currently I’m at 15 chests so soon will be able to confirm whether I can go beyond that. Though I don’t think the cap would be so little, makes no sense. Especially that in highest ninja tier you are rewarded 16 chests for 1st place + 4 chests earned by the alliance.


You mentioned your chests from war are not added. This is strange indeed.



Managed to get 16th chest.

I have 176 now and hope they will not improve them in 15))