Max forged offense!

Hello guys, hope everyone is fine. I have been playing this game for 1 year, and I can defeat bases upto 3400 trophies(Reall defense not the player who dropped trophies). I use Monk, Archers and Wolf with Aska pal. And Fire-Storm, Sonic-Blast and Swordrain. I wonder If someone (Level130) have max forged every spell and troop and without any speciall perk on item to boost his spells how strong players can he beat? For example of you use sonic blast, then dont equip any item with sonic blast perk. Only max forged spells. With max level boosts how much trophy player is beatable?

I believe a skilled lvl115+ player with max spells/troops and all well forged (+45 is good enough… nothing crazy like +100) can beat every defense in the game without scrolls, depending on what boosts are available. It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

However, depending on what combo you are using, some spell perks on items are really important. Some spells don’t usually need perks (shield, toxic cloud, pal flute) and some benefit a lot from perks (Sonicblast, Hammerstrike, Firestorm).

For example, an Hammerstrike with 6 strong perk items can one hit kill most towers. It’s very useful to destroy max forged towers (+100) with a spell that has less than 6 seconds recharge time. Or having a couple Bladestorm perks ensures max forged LTs are destroyed and a couple Firestorm perks can destroy a max forged Firebolt tower in one go.

Spell perks are not mandatory, but there comes a point where adding a spell perk is much more useful than adding another Scream perk (100% is the max), 2000 Leadership, 1500 Life or 80% Start Morale.

Thank you so much for your response. But my question is again the same. How much strong player can you beat without adding any perk item on spells? For example if you unequip the items that have perks of your combo. No matter if the pal is max or leadership is more than 26000 and scream is 100% and more than 200% atart morale gear equiped. Can you beat 5500 trophy player? If no then is it possible that you can raid on 5000 trophy player with ease? If not then 4500 or 4000. I’ve givven you 4 choices. Tell me which is suitable. And please suggest me a good combo that works on every defenses.

Obviously I’m asking about a 130 lvl player with strong alliance with every offensive boost active and max lvl boosts


I told you, it’s possible. Lots of players can do it. 

In addition to that, i tried to emphasize the importance of spell perks. 


For combos, paladin+ogre+Wolf and Pal Flute+ shield+ bladestorm works. Froster+cannons+Wolf works too. 

Lots of combos work, even though it’s not easy. 

With which pal? And do I have to use heal ring for these combos if I want to use my newly buyed Fritz?

Those combos are with Ceres.

WOK and POK works with Irmgard as well.

With Fritz there are other working combos, but they usually require spell perks (Hammerstrike).

Thank you so much for your precious time. But I have one last question. How do I heal my units with Ogre Paladin and wolf combo, with shield bladestoem and pal flute? Sorry for irritating you. 

No problem. :grinning:

You can heal with an healing aura ring (+insta monks, but they’re optional) and do your best to kickback skull tower bombs. The Shield spell helps with healing too. Stay near your army. It works. 


Irmgard (instead of Ceres) is very useful If you need more healing power for now (but use another spell instead of Pal Flute… Maybe Toxic Cloud or Hammerstrike). 

I’ll try to practice with this combo. Thanks!