Max Hero level


i’ve reached the max level of 130 a while ago, is there any chance the future will bring a higher level?


Hi Rick44,

Congrats on reaching hero level 130.

From the developer Q&A September:

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Have a good day.

i cn tell you, no more goal after you reached lvl130

it turned me inactive, just collecting free chests. i’m even too lazy to farm pearls now

wars and ninjas i still play, conquest as it goes (too mch politics as results are always agreed in top allies so no real fighting/contribution needed in conquests)


sooner or less i will totally quit whitout new hero lvls, as many others did as well on top

even blacksmith event got boring and last one i skipped more or less (for the firsttime in my rr2 life)

anyway doesn’t matter if towers are forged 140 or 150 times…


Due to the recent high percentage of xp players could win, a large amount of players have reached the 130 status for their hero. I am a level 130 player for a long time now and don’t understand why FG doesn’t extend it to 135 or 140… I hope FG will reconsider


farming exp is boring as hell and pointless as a fun factor in game. Its pointless to forge items before 130lvl and because hero lvl affects strenght of all items new levels would destroy old items forged by some people waaaay more than 100 times. Some people gave up on leveling and are playing 4 years still not even having 120lvl, some like me were farming it to get rid of farming exp once and for all and actually start playing game instead of attacking every day same favourited players for exp.

New levels  would not bring any joy or goal to anyone in the game.