Max item level and max raid price?

Just curious what the max item level is since I’m just 97 and can get 115 items. Does it stop at 120 because that’s the max level or what?

Is there a cap on the gold price for raiding like food at 220 or does it just keep going higher and higher?

The cap of of the item is fixed at 120.

The cap of food is fixed at 220 bread since lvl 93.

Thanks for confirming item level.

I already stated the bread but was asking if it’s the same for gold? I’m 97 and it hasn’t stopped moving up. 4k per raid toggle now

For gold the max should be 4.500, but i’m not sure 100%.

So at level 100 you can get the max level items then since I can get 117 item at 97?. But how about blacksmith perks.

Will the chance of the Base stat increase per level above 100?

Should be lvl 101 since at my lvl 97 granny offers me max item lvl 116 (so +9 levels), this mean i need other 4 levels 97+4= 101

Chance to upgrade are the same for everyone, but the stat of perks are surely different from a lvl 30 and a lvl 90 player.  :slight_smile:

So more you are high better perk stat you’ll have too. Don’t know if perk stat are related to item lvl, maybe yes.

Thank you good sir



Beginning from  hero level 101 you can get level 120 item

it means maximum Primary stat

(which have only 6 of 9 item types!)


For example 10740 health for armor is *maximum.


Secondary perk(s) are still random, and I believe grow more after hero level 101

I got a level 120 item at hero level 100 (crown), though I have a better level 119 crown.


Can someone confirm this? God please don’t make me grind all the way to lvl 120  :blink: