Max levels of the new HQ.


Not the months you need to get the last level.

10 level the of all new buildings cost like 5 blns

Dont miss what? @cr1 ?

Can U tell us prices of lev 10 of other buildings?

so nobody will improve it anyway.
not for these rewards.

and where do we get gold from? festival? oh! one per year. amazing


800 each and 1.2 stone factory

 It did not come to me a package that you sent to some players, I want this package I would like you to check it out and send it to me and the package with chests of pearls, gems and some items.







The alliance’s fortress building costs are insane. 12 and a half billion gold is more than leveling an alliance from lvl70-> 80.


Watchtower costs in the top tier are a big problem too. You need a lvl 9 stone deposit (holds 38k stone) to upgrade 1 watchtower to lvl3.

Maybe a lvl8 deposit with the right technologies researched is enough for that too. Getting there costs 3.5 billion alone, so how realistic is that, even for most lvl80 alliances, in the short term?

I know it’s much cheaper on lower Conquest tiers, but still. It’s too expensive in the top tier and even if you have a high enough stone capacity, you end up needing several refills to keep competing during the event. I guess it’ll get better in a few months, when more players have had the time to improve their quarries, but until then…

A lvl10 stone deposit goes up to 49k capacity btw.

We still couldn’t afford lvl 3 in the last Conquest.  And couldn’t get all the tech either, the University couldn’t hold enough wisdom.  So with the current stats level 8 buildings can not get level 3 towers.

It’s not even worth it to get level 2 towers, just spam level 1 everywhere.

I agree, ARREBIMBA, the cost of the alliance stronghold buildings is far too much, and that’s not even including the Gold that is spend DURING the Conquest. The prices on all these buildings is far to high and flare needs to change this as soon as they can!

You seem to be in a lower Conquest tier (& Alliance level), so not sure what you’re costs are.  But at the top the gold costs for during a Conquest are pretty cheap.  In a War that we want to win and go all out, we spend on champs, shields & special boosts.  That adds up to a lot more than what Conquest costs.

Now for what the Stronghold buildings cost and what they allow, that is totally out of proportion.   
For the costs getting to level 7-8 should allow for everything to be done in a Conquest, with levels 9-10 giving an advantage, but not access to stuff that the previous couldn’t do.
Levels under 7 should force you to pick your actions more carefully and/or not allow full access.

@PiP69, I’m in Alpha Guard, which is around 150th overall. The costs are definitely gonna be lower than top alliances, but we are level 60 so they are still going to be extremely expensive and that’s why we have saved up a ton of gold

@AwesomestKnightest we only spent about 20 million last Conquest.   There were some wasted tower costs, and stopped research early. 
For a War, just to extend 1 of the special boosts is 8 million per day, at 4 days that is 32 million alone, never mind if we do 2 specials or Champs/Shields.  

In my post that you quoted, I was mainly speaking of the Alliance Stronghold buildings. Those prices are ridiculous and make no sense! I understand the the Conquest doesn’t cost that much, but I was just saying that when you put the two together, it starts getting really pricey

Not big cost, 12 blns only.

65*3*1.95(tax bonus)*1.5mln*30 days its 17 blns

easy to get

would be better if it would be some more expensive

That’s not easy. That’s 65 subs, which cost 50 euros each so 3300 euros in total. 



50 euro from each is not many

Depends on the person.

Some very good RR2 players are from countries where the national minimum wage might not even be much higher that 50 euros.

WoW basic subscription is 10 euros approx.