Max Ninjas Health ≈ Max Ogre Health?

Why the f*ck does a maxed out Ninja have almost the same health as a maxed out Ogre?


They can’t give use one moderate melee unit? 

Something between a Paladin (3 Morale), and Monk (10 Morale).

I thought they were finally fixing that problem when I saw the Ninja!

You don’t even know how Ninja works and you are already criticizing?

That’s our Maerique, impulsive as usual :slight_smile:  

I don’t know for sure what it is, but I know what it isn’t, and it isn’t the solution for problem I noted:

Something between a Paladin (3 Morale), and Monk (10 Morale)

You will not even need to spend morale to summon ninjas, as they are summoned directly a few seconds after the battle started, without you spending any morale…