Max perk levels?

How many times can you upgrade spells, troops and towers?

Would be nice to get a confirmation on this so we could calculate if it’s viable to mix up two different stats or if we should go all in for one 

please telling to me!!!

Answer from developer: 

Maybe it will give you some answer. I understand is that way, if you want to decrease cooldown of some spell, the limit would be at point of 70%.

I think only the devs know this answer.


I am at +7 on archer and Knights so far.

As I understand unlimited

So that means 30 perk levels then since cooldowns are 1% each


My knights and archers are 10 now 

Anyone knows what happens with the stats on units after you upgrade them?

For example I am upgrading the speed of the ogre, which is not the max one. Will that upgrade be set to the new ogre level as well, after I get it from the dungeon? 

It carries over to the next level no need to worry

Many thx! Did not wish to waist hundreds and hundreds of gems for something that gets lost

That raise even more the limitation of possible upgrade question… And if limitation are those by perks or by items…




I think Aether meant spells, towers, items and so on, not only items. I feel sorry for the players who burned tons of pearls already, if they knew this before, they would have waited a littlebit longer.

Now it really becomes worth it to upgrade stuff. say that an upgrade costs 100 pearls, we know now for sure that for 100/200 pearls the upgrade will succeed.

Gengis, you bring a good point in here, we need to be sure that upgrades are capped to a max now plus we need to know what that max is. Otherwhise we can expect even higher skull perks to appear. Or players with spells with a very low cooldown.

I wouldn’t worry about that. If those players survived through all the flawed war system/skull perk/skull in cof/blacksmith casino debacle and still playing, this changes won’t affect anything, sure they’ll probably rant a bit, fg will turn deaf ears, and i guarantee they won’t leave and probably make them spending more gems like crazy instead. And i think skull perk is capped to 18 (3x6) % already.

And btw, a friend told me that revenant bought gems package recently, so i guess apoc will stay in the game, no one is leaving, and fg can sleep well now while counting the incoming $$$ to sleep.

I actually think the change is a good improvement, at least we would have something back from a failure, a guaranteed succes next time. So now we get some kind of joker/wildcard in return, next upgrade will Always succeed.

Glad that for skull perks there is a cap, although 18% (3 times 6) is already unbelievable high.

I think you are right that players won’t leave the game.

Maybe the time has come to improve troops and spells stats. I only need to find a way to get more pearls, the casino becomes more interesting.


Probably won’t be that easy to reach that? I saw mischreiber post on fb that on very high level items, the increase is so small per forge, not even near 0.1 increase. But i dunno what will happen now, fg is famous to change something and let us discover the nasty surprises ourselves.

18% is unbelievable high? You should talk to NA, they have one member with 17.x for quite long time now.

I know that some players spended a fortune to improve some items to extreme hights. For players who don’t spend a lot of cash that’s undoable. I know there are players in top teams with extreme high skull perks.

I am not surprised that on very high level items improvements are minimal after a succesful forge. Otherwhise granny would become obsolete.