max prestige/domination - perks value at 131


Here are my 3 questions:

1/ Is there a max value for prestige and domination? or it can increases without any limit (and so it s a bad rewards when you get some in hall with chests compared to gems :p) ?


2/ I assume you guys (high level ones) know the max value for each perks at level 131 so you can craft the best item when you were stacked at lvl 131? Can you share max value (for exemple for green 1*) for every stat or at least :

max hp (was it the same for all items? or body armor have highest value compared to shoes), leadership, elemental armor, armor (main) armor (perks), cooldown reduction, stun/petrify, LOH

I am trying to do the same at my current level (but not accurate at all because i keep increasing my level ^^). It will be helpful to know if somes perks have same max value and so on…


3/ how many workers do you advice for a quite active player (i have 4 so far since lvl 70, and it is already the limiting factor, so i assume it will only get worst)

Regarding 1: I am not quite sure if there isa maximum amount of prestige (if so, it is above 193k), but domination is definitely capped at 300k, from which point on you will no longer get it in chests. Prestige is rarely found in chests anyway, with the exception of special prestige chests. 


Regarding 2: I do not have data on this at hand right now, but possibly you can find some information about that either here on the forums or on the Olympus Rising wiki. 131 is not the maximum level anymore though, since a while, but 145 is. Regarding maximum perk values for perks like stun or resistance, do you want to know the maximum absolute numeric values or the % values they translate to?


Regarding 3: There is a maximum of 5 workers that you can have. It is well possible to keep busy all 5 of them if you are active. They can sometimes indeed be the limiting factor, but there are some rather expensive upgrades for which you may need a near-full storage of resources on the other hand.

Plus, game areas such as Odyssee and masteries and item forging also require quite a lot of gold and wisdom, so there is still good use for those resources. 

Max dominance and prestige level and points

I am sitting at max on these for almost a year.

I hope this helps you 

And you can have max five workers.

Buy all five if you want to level up quick.

@NaN and @Archimides have some data like this one:


You can get Prestige from chests when resources are full.

I saw a lvl 146 opponent (with weird low trophy count!) on my map the other day. But the new absolute max Ascension lvl is 150.

Hi. Here are some facts, we can move them to the other thread that Tomaxo shared, if not there.

Same value, or range of value and same forging possibilities:

1 category - common: Cool down, Petrify, Stun, resistances (physical as perk - right side of item), Attack speed.

2 category - cursed: Damage reflection, Frostbite, Speed, demolition, potency (these have a lower starting point - range. It is usually less than half of the 1st category)

Different value, different forging possibilities:

Life on hit, regeneration (might be similar with category 2), health/damage/leadership (as perk - right side of item), area damage, 

Main perks:

All 4 main perks, react differently between them, and also differently when perks, as mentioned above. When they are perks, the start at different values, but also get a boost forge on color change. While on main perk, they do not get such a boost. Main weapon is always bigger than wrist weapon, vest is always better than boots.


-> There are values for each level, with some range for each color, however the table of these is too big, and needs a lot of research to be good. If you are leveling all the time, I suggest you pick out some of the 1st category perks and monitor them on an excel, you will see a pattern and follow the right path to making great items.


currently i have just calculated value increase by star added and color change for most of perks (values for forging combined with 1* items and 4* items),  and i convert any item to a green1* item to be able to compare them. But i am also tracking the “best” base value for any perks so i can know if one item is with a perk value of my current ascension level or not.
I heard that they will add the ascension level to any item so it will be no more necessary, but until then, i need to do this. However, I never know if an item is really a good one because it has my ascension level, or if that item is only good compared to all others trash ones ?

=> I am trying to figure out the best base value (green 1*) of any perks for any level so i can know more accuratly which items i should level up.



@others: thx for domination and prestige max value :slight_smile:

Make an excel and instead taking them all back to green 1*, just follow your cells, from green 1* to titan 5* step by step. If you see a blue 1* on 25k its a good one, but as the colors go up, it’s more rare to find a really good value, that would be better than green. I may have found 1 really good gold, 2-3 purple in 1 year of playing, that were better than my green items. It’s just the possibilities, because you have less items generated in those colors. Blue you can find a lot, so naturally you can hit a good number, even better than greens some time. Arguably the best possible gold should be the same with the best possible green (if max forged), but lately I tend to believe that always from green is better (if you find the right value).

Because you are asking for 131, and I am more familiar with it by heart (being there for a very long time), I can tell you that the max values on green were 18300 that I had seen… those were a bit rare, I had a total of 3-4 items over 18k myself (thats for maybe 5-6 months that this value was in-effect). Of course this was not always the case, they did some changing before the new levels. Prior to that, only cursed items were above 17500, and I can’t be sure if the max for cursed was 18300 because not many were that high. 

For cursed perks (category 2), the values you could find on green were below 8k. I believe you could not get a 5* titan over 50k (unless some old uber forging was in place).

Loh was around 1600-1700 the highest maybe. Leader and damage was a fraction of the main perks… it could be that damage was around 350 on green and leader was 500 on green. But there wasn’t much data to be sure of the max values. You would need a bigger sample… categories 1 & 2 were a lot of perks combined, so once you establish they are the same, you can find a lot… even for category 2, because we all forged those, you get to see a lot of people around you with their findings.

  1. Prestige if you have max all your decoration and reach Celestial Boost at Level 30. its around 188-190k. No clue if there is a max. Never heard of it. For the dominance the maximum is 300k and capped since 2017 maybe since day 1.

2.No clue nobody I think have reach the max for now. The maximum is now increase at Ascension 150. So no one know the maximum value.

3.Capped at 4 workers until end of 2018 with a server update who allow us to have now a 5th worker. After some demand make on the forum

Number of worker don’t really matters. Only if you want to build and upgrade your defense more faster. 3 seem to be enough. If you have 4 its more than awesome. 5th is just a extra if you have the gems.

He meant the max perk values for his level 131, as he is now there! But to your reasoning, I believe the max value for 150, for the usual perks is around 44k-48k for green 1*

not much higher than that? strange I expected something like 60k or 80k in green and forged at titan over 100k. Not much a difference with perk at 90 then… at 30k. Not a big deal

You can forge titan items over 100k at level 130. An item with a perk at 44k 1* green will come close to 300k at 5* titan if you max forge.

i know forged until titan make the green like 5 times more powerful. What I means is Perk value at 90 green 1 star is not much a difference at 30k-35k with a Perk at 131 at 44-45k green 1 star. I know the value is very high and differe at titan but I means when you get it in a chest. So not much a difference. That why I have said I expecting something like more 60k or 80k

I find it strange Ascension 90 until 131 don’t up much the value of the green items. Really hard to believe. Well I guess I will see it soon by my own

You can’t get 1* greens at level 90 with 30k-35k values, or items at 131 with 44-45k values, though. It’s extremely rare to get a 1* green at 131 over 19k.

Archimides and you seem to answer wrong. So seem don’t know about perk values after all.

at level 90 we can get armor and boots at 30k-35k at green 1 star and maybe over. I don’t have the best item right now

So I guess you don’t have the real value of a item at green 1 star at 131. Well I will tell you when I will be there. Apparently none know the value there


you’re talking health! ok. That’s a base stat, the number on the left. We were talking about perks, the number on the right.

my bad lol I was sure that was about the left one. I will repeat my question more clearly sorry by bad

max perk on the left at 131?

max perk on the right at 131?

The one on the left is called a “base stat” by the devs, except for baubles which have two “perks”. I don’t have any figures on the base stats for 131. I don’t usually pay attention to that number.

Highest perk at 1* green for 131 is about 19k or a little over. That’s exceptionally rare. That’s not for LOH, Regen, or cursed perks, just resists and the other normal perks.

make sense on cooldown and resist 19k. Thanks

At all times, the difference between a level is around 1 forge worth. So for health thats 2%. Naturally when you have a 30k vest, next level its 30600, only 600 difference.

At much later level, your health is 100k, so next level is 102k. As you grow differences are HUGE.

And a perk with 5% makea it 5k difference… so on level 150, its going to be huge, but overall the same stats in % on your hero.

I don’t claim to know everything. But time will show. Thats an estimate above, and as dumpster said, I was talking about a perk, not main value. But I can do that too if you want an estimate!