Max questions

What’s the max levels for alliances, hero temple and ascension? 

And what’s the max morale wave? 

Hey Macamus, I do not see anywhere on the game site or else where that lists that information. I thought maybe alliance maxed at 35 but then one of them made it 38 members. I would bet it maxes at 40 or 50. More than that seems extreme. 

As far as ascension my guess is 100, I haven’t checked today but yesterday top player was 91. 

I am also betting building levels max at 10. Could be wrong though as the last hero does take 200,000 dominance. 

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m just finding it a bit weird that there is no official information 


Here are some numbers for you:

  • Maximum level of the Heroes’ Temple: 10
  • Maximum defense wave level: 12 (which has 18 morale)
  • Maximum Alliance level: 45 (up to 40 members)
  • There is no real maximum Ascension Level. You can actually exceed level 100 by upgrading everything in the game to its maximum level.

Please keep in mind that the maximum levels of all these things can change in the future, depending on how many players have reached them.

Chris this game seriously is lacking in information and dev communication. Cant you guys put up a login msg or inbox us with some kind of dev news and updates. Such a good game with absolute crap communication. I’m a big gem supporter and actually own an app company myself. I know there’s a lot going on in the background but if people don’t check the forum they’d assume you guys forgot about the game. A msg here and there is a really simple fix. 

Im gonna point out that I was basically right on all the levels! Seems standard for a new game to use those numbers. 

Hello and thanks a lot for the information and so quickly :slight_smile:

I see that a level 31 alliance can have 36 members so the remaining 14 levels then just opens up 4 more player slots. Does the boosts gets new levels also as you level up alliances or is it just a really long way extra to go for the 4 last slots?


Also I would really really appreciate it if you could post a list of the Alliance hall levels with gem price and how much you can donate at each level. This would really be helpful to play my gems and what my alliance can afford to keep boosted! 

Thank you good sir, you are a scholar and gentleman

I like the fact that we don’t know all in advance. It is not very fun if you know all things and tricks in a game. Keep in mind that all can be changed in the future (I hope), so play your game, find a good ally to share datas and enjoy this smooth tower defense apps. If you want more, there is lot of another game to play in the world :grinning:

What is the maximum level of the hero ? 20?

I wouldn’t call info about max level either a trick or tip

It’s just good to know where you are on the overall progress.