Max skulls capped at 1015?

I checked the forum but I could not find a thread explaining why skulls are capped at 1015? Because of this, we are targeting the weakest players of an alliance as they give us the same number of skulls as the strongest ones. So you end up doing 3 boring fights per weak player instead of trying your best against more challenging opponents.

the difference is that you find more skulls in CoF from the first guys rather than the others

It was fixed so by flares, to prevent the top alliance players to be raided endlessly.

Thanks for the replies. Not quite convinced that this cap at 1015 is a good thing but well, that’s the game. Was just curious.

I think you talk about normal cap, because with Champion and Skull Bonus I give more than 1,038 skulls when a Champion defeat me. 1015 its not the cap

Being a champion doesn’t have anything to do with that, the skull bonus they have is added after the raid, so you still give them 1015 skulls, but they get a higher bonus percentage from those 1015. If the game showed you that someone took more than 1015 skulls from you, is because that player has Skull Perk gear.

Anyway the cap its not 1,015. This morning I fight a guy in Booster Gold alliance and he give me 1,018. I’m sure 1,018 its not too the cap and I’m sure you can get more than that without Skull Bonus Perks

So stupid I cannot delete my post. Forgot what I said its 1,015 the cap