Max titan chest limit/chest tasks

Why is there a max titan chest limit now? And what exactly is the limit?  Seems that there was already a max limit as any unopened chests would drop off the system after 60 days.


In a similar vein, can you please remove or lower the conquer wisdom/gold/ambrosia island tasks?  At the rate these islands are available to conquer, especially at higher levels, it takes many days to unlock one chest.  I’ve taken over 5-6 islands on the first day, only to have to wait a day or two before I can get even more than 1 or 2 islands more.

True, wisdom/Ambrosia island tasks are annoying, 20 island looks good but too much, 1 ambrosia/wisdom island every 5 islands Maybe

Please respect the others who dont have the 4.0. I still waiting to download it. I have a slow internet and probably will take all the day. I hate all the spoiler on forum. For me I think its a total no respect of the others. I think I will sign out for the day. I don’t want to read all about 4.0 before I try it by myself. i hate spoiler

Edit : lol sorry my sense of humour can be strange :slight_smile:

Max titan chest limit is a spoiler?


In any case, it’s a bit selfish of you to expect that no one talk about the update until you’ve downloaded it.

Bug reports are a spoiler. 

@Warriornator just make sure you dont come back and doublepost all the things people already said. I would appreciate this greately.

I find it ridiculous to ask people not to post things about an update just because everyone hasn’t downloaded the update.  If you don’t want to know, don’t read the forums!  Bug reports are not a spoiler.  They are bug reports.  Jeez, the mind boggles sometimes.

what I means is like many games. the developer don’t allow anyone to talk about new update on the moment or any feature. Only allowed like 24 hours after to give time to everyone to download it,try it and test all feature by themselves but this is only me I guess. For me its like if someone tell you all about a movie and you don’t have see it. that scrap all the fun.Anyway I should know it. We are on a forum so I don’t expect the others respect this. 

Nevermind cool 4.0 by the way. 10/10

Edit : I say that just like that sorry.I will continue eat my hot dog lol and just read and don’t talk lol. continue with the topic

@Infamous i don’t remember all. I play too much MMORPG and online game,etc… Some demand to wait 24 hours. I cannot tell any name. i think its Aura Kingdom not sure


@Warriornator I dont know a single game that prohibits people from talking about an update after it is out. Would be interested to find out who does it. Anyway, reading and checking forums is a choice, so like you said, just take a day off. Some people cant even log in due to the usual update bugs, so you certainly wont be the only one to miss the spoilers.


Bug reports are indeed bug reports, meant to be a joke. Granted the double posting any update brings, my messages simply suffer from a laconic style of a person busy merging and editing stuff.

They make medication for this, you know!


Sorry for my own impatience. Need a double dose of coffee ? or probably something stronger this time of day. ?

I would like to know the answer too.

Is the limit applied to Cursed Chests only or to the total of Cursed and Uncursed Chests?


Regarding spoilers, only few companies actually have strict policies, specifically about important story moments and late-game secrets.

I know Persona 5 by Atlus is one of them:

I don’t consider bug reports as a spoiler though.

I think the maximum limit to the amount of Cursed Titan Chests you can have at any one time is 10, or any combo like 9 cursed + 1 uncursed, 8 cursed + 2 uncursed, 7 cursed + 3 uncursed, etc.

Can anyone confirm?

Hi Tomaxo, let me ask.

Hi Tomaxo, I can confirm your information. Thank you. :grinning:

okay so it is because of illness that we are not seeing our blessed cyclops I was worried maybe FG has abandoned OR like they did with dawn of steel.

Hello HOLYDIVINE, no, you are seeing Captain Morgan less frequently in the forums, because I have taken the helm :grinning:

He is one of the devs I am talking to frequently though. :grinning:


I confirm too. I have 8 cursed chest and 2 unlock titan Chest and when you collect Titan Point. that said you have reach the limit of Titan chest. So 10 its the limit

So all combo must equal 10

9 + 1


6 +4