Max value for perks on hero and GK

I need help filling in the yellow values. (I’m assuming all the other values are correct). Can anyone help?


Demo and Regen don’t work on GK, but the % should be the same of what you can have. Speed does help a bit I believe, but I do not know the max, it should be the same, it only resistances that are less.

Thanks. I’ve put n/a in the GK REGENRATION space. Does anyone know the values for the other highlighted cells?

Regen is for both 75%, it just wont be used for GK even it you have it

Speed is at least 175% on both. But I haven’t had the items to go past it, to see if it goes 200%.

Ok. Last question. I hear that LoH is limited after a certain attack speed. Do you know at what point it’s limited?

Loh is limited per hero level and per ascension level. The formula is a bit confusing, because the devs answer is not so clear

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yes and in addition there seems to be a total cap (so just like you said). so we cannot give an answer just w.r.t. eg AS only. LoH is affected by more things.

the good news is, the cap is not that high and everybody should be able to find out for himself - at least if he is aware about that there is a cap. and after he knows the cap he can try to figure out in which way he can keep the cap also if he changes items.

So if Demo = Max and AS > 130%, effective Demo Chance would equal 45.5% (.35*1.3)?

You are asking a question with a “>” which means your answer will be with a “>” (sorry don’t remember the mathematical term).

In any case, it has been asked recently to the devs, and they will answer how more than 130% AS effects some things, demo among them which has a max factor. I just think it also depends on the swing, so it naturally becomes faster at least for the first 30% though not on GK, they said somewhere about 30 or 35%

Not if the primary value is limited by an “up to” amount, as we are purportedly dealing with in this instance.

We don’t know that. So mathematically speaking your answer would be with the sign.

But more specifically if you wish, AS does not have a max at 130%. If it does increase demo (assume the max is for value of perks, not combined perks - that is the question to devs), then the answer is exactly that ( “>” )

If the AS is 150% its 52,5%
If the AS is > 150% then its > 52,5%

In the case that demo has a max 35% , then the question is, does it remain 35% or goes practically higher. Which would mean > 130% = > 45,5% as per your numbers

Sorry for the confusion. I was overlooking that the on-hit perk comment in the OP’s table was in yellow and momentarily thought that was settled, but realize it is in question.

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