Maximum ascension level?

Hello! I’ve been googling trying to find out what the maximum ascension level is but no luck. Idk if this is a question too small for this forum but I’d really like to know the answer. Anyone who knows what the highest ascension level is (if there is a highest one)?

Hello rhamnusia,

You can find below more information regarding the different levels in the game:

Hope it helps!

Thank you so much, Alysea! 

Was there an update that raised the max ascension lvl? Last i knew it was maxed out at 130 but i see alot of players at lvl 131. What is the new max ascension lvl? 

@Validus1 There was no update, anything beyond 130 is achieved through leveling of all structures as far as I am aware. Ive seen people lvl 132 to date.


Correction, I was daydreaming when I saw people of lvl 132. 131 is max atm.

Yeah @Validus1 the max Ascension level is 131.Many of my teammates have also confirmed the same.

Who is 132?

Just to make it clear, I was incorrect saying there is lvl 132. There is none. 131 is currently the maximum one can achieve throughout upgrading every single thing possible.

I never saw a lvl 132…