Maximum Forging for Some Towers & Units

Please note, I am not sure if player level in anyway effects the cap for forging on certain towers and units.  If that is the case, I am currently level 109.

1.  I seem to have hit a cap for how much forging can improve an ogres’ speed.  My ogres can’t be forged past 2.18 speed and they are level 6.  Is there a cap on ogre speed and what is it? 

2.  I seem to have also hit a cap for how much forging can improve the range of Pyromancers.  My Pyromancer’s range is 4.95, is it possible to forge their range past that?  If so, what is the top range for a Pyromancer?  My Pryromancer’s are level 8.

3.  My Arbalaster’s seem to have a top range of 6.5.  Is it possible to forge the range past 6.5?  My Arbalaster’s are maxed.

4.  The heal range on my Monks is 6.5.  Is that their top heal range, or can it be forged past that range?  My Monks are maxed.

5.  My hammerstrike strike is level 12 and the range appears to be maxed at 3.14.  Is that the max range for Hammerstrike?  I continue to increase its level, but will the range improve as the level improves?

6.  My Firestorm is maxed and the range appears to be 6.55.  What is the max range for Firestorm?  Does it improve as I level up?

7.  My Sonic Storm is maxed and the range appears to be 3.35.  Is that the max range possible?  

8.  I have maxed a couple of my Skull Towers and their range seems to be capped at 6.75.  What is the max range for Skull Towers?

9.  I have maxed a Firebolt tower and its max range appears to be 8.75.  What is the max range for a Firebolt tower?

10.  I am in the process of maxing the range on some heal towers, currently their range is 6.99.  What is the max range for a heal tower?

11.  Finally, what is the max speed for a paladin?

If you know the answer to any of these questions I would appreciate a reply.

u can find everythings here, but it doesn’t update after version 4.0.

just make use of it as a reference.

Thank you for the link Lee806, but it doesn’t contain the maximum ranges or speeds. 

I have used the Wiki a lot when researching which towers to use, units and how to forge them, but they don’t seem to contain the information I am asking about.


They did have. However, as Lee8006 said, the wiki is dead right now. Opelle, the creator/admin of that site stopped playing this game, mostly because there’s no support from flare. I myself don’t know whether that number is still reliable as there’s so many change in this game.

Screenshoot of Ogre Forging page

Thank you RoyaleDing2


Only the little mermaid knows how many dungerie doos there are in my fork box.

ill try to ans all of your questions with a question. what do consider ‘maxed’? max lv are as accurate as they can be at the wiki. as far as feeding Smithy goes, ‘maxed’ is how much $ u got?

most forged stats have a base mark up per roll (or 2) E.G.: a spell will got a 1% cooldown reduction for every success. and ull see the same next time you spin. then after a point, say 15-20 spins on that same item, ull notice it dip to maybe 0.95%. when you see that happen the first time, expect that trend to continue and you may consider the forging for that spell efectivly ‘maxed’,as , that trend will continue. but if you want to keep on forging a ‘maxed’ item go right ahead. Smithy and birdy love making pearls. he laughs even before you lose.

also of note, the exact percentages of each cant be documented like level ups are on the wiki cuz each item is unique. you and I could have the same hero level and tower lv and our forging will be different. you can even have 2 of the same items of your own that forge at different rates. there are hidden values aggigned to your gears. and for the most part those rates are grandfathered in when you get the gears. it depends on your levels at the time you get the gear, and how there currently tweeking that item. they change it up all the time. call it the items ‘luck factor’.

far as I know there is no ‘max’ to forging. and super forged gears and spells can be amazing, but, its pearls well saved to call it quits when you see the numbers dropping mid spin. plenty of other things to spend pearls on and get more bang for your buck.

  1. My pyros are max level 12 and have a range of 5.0- unboosted for range.

  2. I have a level 15 firebolt tower and it has a boosted range of 8.80 so far.

Those are the only ones I can confidently answer for you.  As to if that is their MAX… we’ll find out soon I guess! ?