Maximum trophies


What’s the maximum of trophies you can win/lose per battle?

I thought it was 25, but today I got 35 trophies twice because the enemy failed to conquer (probably Defeats, not Sieges).


Hey @Tomaxo,

35 is currently the maximum Trophies that a player can lose in a single battle. Note: this can only happen if they are significantly higher on the Hall of Fame and also get 0-3% against you.

I know 35 is the max you can lose in a battle and I thought 25 was the max you can win, but I saw the other day that you could win  35 Trophies in a single battle. Can anyone confirm? I forgot to take a screenshot and the opponent is no longer on my map…

ps. @Isjerryhuang I think I lost 35 Trophies to you when I was suddenly kicked out of the game for no reason yesterday  :grinning:

Hi Tomaxo,

How do yo?

what you have mentioned regarding losing 35 Trophies is true. I can confirm that as I too have lost 35 Trophies to a Opponent when my Windows Phone went dead in middle of a Raid.

you lose only 35 trophy if you retreat of the battle I did it one time and never did it again.The maximum you can gain in normal raid is 25.

@HOLYDIVINE @Warriornator

Yes, you can definitely lose 35 following a failed attack. CaptainMorgan already confirmed that. But I’m not sure if you can win 35 following a successful attack. As I said, I saw one (higher Ascension, Trophies and Fame and full blessed; in one word, a really stronger opponent) on my map the other day, but maybe I was distracted.

Really?! I didn’t really check and notice that. Sorry about that, but I also lose tons of trophy recently by being attacked, so now I’m kind of giving up maintain my trophy level, that’s why I didn’t really notice the 35 trophies from you, but feel sorry if it’s given due to bad internet connection.

I just see this right now. I have decided to change and use someone else than Helen of Troy already at 20. So with Athena I have fail and got a -29 trophy. So since when this change have happen? Now if you fail is no more just -15 or -16 but -29 and -35 who is the genius who scrap the system.

So now if I understand if you want to up in leaderboard you must do winning steak without any lose? I understand now why CaptainMorgan don’t show up anymore on forum after this fail. Its obvious no one will like this new system

Seriously the one who have programmed this change is far to be a genius. Now during Wars we have so much pressure and stress because if you want to win you need to wake up during night to do your strike and now if that was not enough we gonna have more stress because we must take care to not lose any fight… where is the fun now in this game. 

So if I want to win all my raid I have no choice to use Helen of Troy? if I understand to have 100% success in all raid? great… a lot of choice in fight…

You may simply have too high trophies. Leaderboard is mostly about buffs, upgrades and gear all the way till the top, where gems and winning streaks become more of an issue. I am yet to test this though, so am not sure, but for the lower level part - evolve and you will rise

not sure if you have right. that was a Ascension 113 I have face not only a Ascension 94. So I will check but I am sure he have more than me

Edit : yeah he have 1,700 less than me. So now the system pushing you in defense against sorry for the word some moron who stay very low at 2,000 and 3,000 trophy and the system now punish you in offense if you have more than them? really great…

So now this game become a no mistake game? great. I like challenge but not this way. I guess I have no choice and continue to use Helen of troy for 100% success

Yes, this system is flawed, because it is based on trophies, virtually the easiest parameter to manipulate. This is the way gem farmers work - decrease trophies and watch people smash their heroes against your def, bringing you gems… I proposed changes, as I also believe it to be somewhat unfair, but all i would advise for now - keep your eyes open and be extra careful with anyone outside of your level range

There has been a change about this already, if people decrease their amount of trophies too much compared to a “normal trophy amount” for their level, they receive less gems from the invocations used on their defense.

yeah, you can’t farm gems that way anymore.

Can anyone please validate these numbers?

Before March 8th Update: Maximum Trophies winnable following Victory: at least +31 Maximum Trophies losable following Defeat: -35

After March 8th Update: Maximum Trophies winnable following Victory: at least +21 Maximum Trophies losable following Defeat: -25

Screenshot from February:

Screenshot from yesterday:

#Edit 18/04/18 at least +20 (instead of +19)

#Edit 18/07/18 at least +21 (instead of +20)

No @Tomaxo ,maximum trophies that can be won from a single opponent is 15 now(Thank God) and not 19 after March 8th update and also before that it was 25.(For 100% completion)

I know it damn too well because 70% of the times my battle log shows this data.???

@HOLYDIVINE check again my screenshots  :grinning:

Yeah saw that and it is wrong ??? I AM playing this game for almost seven months,I have seen such opponents on my map before and after March 8 th trophy update.

I simply refuse to believe it???

I don’t know whether you are a luck player or I am the most unlucky player.???

@Tomaxo The player you have screenshotted here is very low in trophies for their level. At that point we give “free” Trophies from the system to try and prevent them staying so low for too long, by boosting them back to a “normal” amount of Trophies. 15 max will be taken from the defender, a further 4 will be given by the system for free.

Also in the first screen, the player is so low they are getting +6 Trophies. The max taken was 25.

This is one of the steps we have taken to avoid having players with far too few Trophies.

Thanks @CaptainMorgan for clarifying that “hidden” and wise feature.

Is +6 (before the update) and +6 (after the update) the max for “free boost” Trophies?

#Edit 18/04/18 +5 (instead of +4)

#Edit 18/07/18 +6 (instead of +5)

New screenshot from yesterday:

15 + 5 free boost trophies = 20 Trophies