May We Have Regular Events, Please?

Could we have them? Please? One a week for a few days breaks up the monotony and lets people gather some stuff.

Also, making them regular helps people plan how to upgrade towers and the like.

Hi there,
We have regular events already. Every second Wednesday at 5pm a new event will start :slight_smile: .
I think your question is rather if it is possible to have weekly events, am I correct?
For this, there are currently no plans.
Thanks for reaching out!

So no event this week? It is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday, not every other Wednesday?

You should open your eyes :eyes:

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Thanks for the info, but the open your eyes thing is unnecessary. I try to be in these new forums as little as possible because they are not user friendly or helpful. You, on the other hand, were helpful if snide.

Why do you not consider new forum as user friendly or helpful? What is your feedback about forum before migration?

Sorry if I was too blunt, but even if you don’t come often…

Checking the official announcements first wouldn’t hurt you :wink: