Meaning of the 2 symbols for hero deaths

Hello friends,

Can someone please help me understand these? Earlier, I thought the black flame was just a shadow of the white flame, but now I’m not sure. 

Please click here to view the reference image

Thanks in advance. ?

@AriesRising A white flame is a resurrection. A black flame is a death with no return!

Not white but green light show where player have die in your base. So like in your screenshot you have 5 spot in green. So many have fail your base and use a lot of resurrection. the black one never see. A change in 4.0? I must look in my game. Wait a minute

Edit : Captain have answer. Black one is death with retreat interesting or they have die 4 time

Oh my god what is your design base to be tough like this O.O

Continue this way. If you stop a lots of player. Its a good sign your defense is really good. :grinning: