Medal and Cup system


I’m playing this game since few months and I still cannot find the information on the net (or by playing the game) about the true meaning behind medals and cups.

I know their purpose, but how they are computed when you fight against someone?

Is medal based on your defense strengh or your hero level?

Can someone summarize or give a link to the info, i’m sure it exists somewhere.



Medals and defense strengh may have some kind of relation. But not all lower medals base has weaker defense than higher medals base, it may because wave choosen, base layout, towers choosen/placement etc… Just from my experience though, I can’t confirm.

The exact relationships and formulas are unknown, flaregames doesn’t tell.

But both medals and trophies are subject to various kinds of manipulation, and thus a 32 medal base might kill you at 0% while you might easily win a different base with 500 medals. 


Things that are commonly thought to somehow influence the medal rating of a base, are: 1. strength of towers, 2. strength of waves, 3. success in previous attacks. 

Thank you for answering.

I don’t know but for me 500 medals is not an easy win at all! I would say below 300 is correct.

Trophies are more concerning the level of your king compared to other kings, right?

But if I understand correctly medals are more something which is rated based on an deterministic algorithm?

Medals are meant to reflect base strength, and are influenced 1. strength and number of towers/obstacles, 2. strength of waves, 3. success against previous attackers. 


Though, if somebody temporarily removed part of his defenses (and thus aspect 3 got lowered dramatically), the medal rewards might be lower even when the base is back at full strength. 

Also, medal rewards are influenced by trophy levels and differences between attacker and defender. 

And, when you e.g. remove some barricadedes from a well-constructed, maxed out base, it will show like 32 medals only despite still being deadly for anyone except very high lvl players. 

Moreover, elite boosts seem to not affect the medal rating at all, at least not directly, only slowly over time through aspect 3. So when for example a player with a base that has no boosts at all suddenly joins no. 1 alliance and thus has tons of boosts, his medal rating will at the moment stay unaffected. 

Etc etc… so, the medal count is on average roughly representative of the base strength, but you can’t really actually rely on the medals only for judging its difficulty. 



Trophies are meant to be representative of a player’s overall strength - base strength and raiding strength/success. Usually/on average, higher lvl players are stronger and thus higher on trophies, but e.g. a lvl 80 player might easily be 1000 trophies above a lvl 90 player if he has a better base or the trophies of one of them were “manipulated” (see below). 


Some players willingly lose with like 0% on other players in order to either lower their own trophies (for meeting easier opponents, or for tricking weaker players into attacking their base) or increase the attacked player’s trophies (e.g. to push him up to top100 / top10). Also, players might “open” their base (remove most of their defenses) for lowering their own trophies (as everyone can now easily attack and defeat them). And of course, at higher levels of the game, the easiest way to lose like 1000 trophies within a single day, is to just leave your alliance for a day, losing all boosts, as countless people will then attack your comparably easy base. 


The trophies you then GAIN by beating some particular base, depends mostly on the trophy count of attacker and defender, and not on the base strength. 


Etc etc… so, the trophy count is on average roughly representative of a player’s strength, but you can’t really actually rely on the player’s trophy count for judging its difficulty, and the offered trophy gain for beating a base is mostly independent of the actual base strength. 



I hope this answer clears things up a bit more! :slight_smile:

Maybe this can help a bit, nothing special but this is what we know about calculation of trophies:

this about calculation medals (related to trophies):

I’m sure if 2 people worked together you could work it out and write down how the medals change as you change towers and units and path etc


ie no units and no towers. add one at a time for each tower type. then 2 towers and see if there is a multiplier etc all the way up.

Then do the same for units.


Flothaboss did a great video similar to this to work out XP. Its quite eye opening actually. if you want to level up quicker and you have friends or second accounts the best towers for XP are the worst ie Frost and Arrow towers give a lot more XP than Skulls etc and they are easier to take down so you can build a max “XP base” (but this is not a hard base!!!)